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If Your Watch Could Talk What Would it Say

Even if you only explore your universe within, life is an incredible adventure. But for those who embody the perpetual quest for doing things only imagined, for those who are simply destined to rise to the top, they prefer a timepiece that will never let them down – while making a statement, too.

If your watch could talk, what would it say? Would it tell tales of great triumphs at the pinnacle of your profession, or talk of the tough lessons that come with living life on your own terms? Would it walk us down the road less traveled, ascend to the world’s highest peak, or share discoveries at the depths of the deepest oceans?

Would it dare to explain the scuff marks, dings, and dents it endured all along the way, offering a tangible tour of your life, like hieroglyphic signs of moments that might otherwise never be remembered?

Perhaps most telling would be the moment you decided to pass on your treasured timepiece to a loved one – just as National Geographic Photojournalist William Thompson did this year. For his son Parker’s 30th birthday, he handed down his Rolex Explorer with the hopes that one day Parker would continue the tradition with his own son.

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Through the Lens of William Thompson – Heart of Himalaya

Through The Lens of William Thompson National Geographic Photojournalist & Loving Father Chapter Three A Beautiful and Personal Adventure in Heart of the Himalaya “While others had left tracks and histories here, we had the joy of observing and coming to a place less explored” Photojournalist William Thompson had long wanted a Rolex, as his father had worn one all …

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Through The Lens of William Thompson – From Kathmandu to the Top of the World

Through The Lens of William Thompson National Geographic Photojournalist & Loving Father Chapter Two From Kathmandu to the Top of the World Thousands of images …

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Through The Lens of William Thompson – From the Himalayas to Namibia and Nepal

I was in a hotel room in Delhi, after completing three major stories for National Geographic: Heart of the Himalaya, Everest Aerials, and The Kathmandu Valley. After living in Nepal for three years, I had many Nepali friends, close friends, and I would miss them. But I was ready for western food and to be somewhere quiet, out of the chaos of Asia. I was on my way home—or at least, that is what I planned.

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Meet Chris Amen

For the first time ever, for many of us, we are experiencing what it means to pause with the world to reflect on the significance …

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Steve McQueen - Le Mans - Tag Heuer - Monoca

As Blue as Steve McQueen’s Eyes

My son, Jeffrey gifted me a Tag Heuer Monaco wristwatch fifteen years ago to commemorate my retirement—the merciful end of a less than joyous 32-year …

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Happy Christmas

It is not too late to make a wish and treatyourself the same way you treat the specialpeople in your life. Our CW21 CertifiedWatch Makers …

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Bright Light of Hope

Counting down the last challenging moments of 2020, we join the world in looking forward to a brighter light on the horizon – the hope …

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Our Creative Solution To Shipping Securely is deeply rooted in delivering superb service to our valued clients. Since much of our business is in “ship-in/ship back,” it’s critical that you feel …

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William Thompson

Life and Times

With an a Master of Fine Arts diploma in one hand and an Anthropology PhD in the other, William Thompson discovered a way to parlay his passion for mountaineering into a fascinating career as a photojournalist – using the camera lens as his ultimate “paintbrush.”

Thompson worked for 12 years with National Geographic, having created the first and only complete aerial coverage of Mt. Everest for the magazine. Other exotic assignments involved traveling via yak train through the Bhutanese Himalaya, living with pygmies in deep of Africa, and photographing the Asian elephant on its tragic path toward extinction.

His commercial image work includes major campaigns for Wells Fargo, Leo Burnett, Starbucks, Marlboro, Boeing, United Airlines, Intel, and Holland America.

Today, Thompson lives in a 90-year old log home near the waters of Puget Sound – and still finds adventure in climbing. Fee free to reach out to William via the following points of contact:

William Thompson Photograph/Film
15566 Sandy Hook Rd. NE
Poulsbo, WA