Ensuring the Best Quality Work CW21 Certified Watchmakers

Your watch is a valuable possession, so its proper fine tuning, restoration, or repair is critical. WatchRepair.net takes watch repair very seriously and believes only a qualified watchmaker should be entrusted to work on the precise, delicate movement inside your watch.

Yet, the Internet has many online repair services, necessitating some special considerations for customers.

Step One: How do you evaluate who is expertly qualified and who is not?

Thanks to the American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), consumers now have a simplified way to find a qualified watchmaker. In cooperation with some of the leading premium Swiss watch brands (Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Panerai, Cartier, etc.), AWCI has created a new series of certifications with the highest and most stringent standards for watchmakers.

CW21 is the new certification category for a watchmaker with the highest level of skills in the watch industry. With this formal certification standard in place, there are now approximately 150 fully certified CW21 watchmakers in the United States. The CW21 certification denotes a qualified watchmaker with the superior skills and knowledge to service, repair and restore your quality timepiece.

Step Two: What three important questions should you ask any watch repair business up front?

  • Does the person who will perform the service, restoration or repair on my Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Panerai, Cartier, etc., possess the CW – 21 certification?
  • Do they use only genuine parts?
  • Most importantly, are they willing to attest to both as “yes” in writing?

If the answer is “no,” to any of the questions, find a better watchmaker.

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Peter Perry

Peter is an independent journalist and an accomplished author. He possesses over 45 years of management and business development experience. Peter is a native of Upstate New York and was the founder and CEO of a leading healthcare technology company that served state and federal government agencies and several notable Fortune 1000 companies across the US. Prior to founding his own company, he was employed by the IBM Company in sales, marketing, and support positions. He has extensive management and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of business sectors. He has participated in special management programs such as the Entrepreneurial Program at The Wharton School of Business and the IBM President’s class at Babson College. He has authored three books on computer technology and writes an independent news column and has consulted with and provided management assistance to organizations large and small in a variety of industries. He recently completed an authoritative Novel “The Union” which is scheduled for release in February 2022 by Archway Publishing (Simon and Shuster). It is an in-depth look at the corruption within organized labor and their criminal relationships with the mafia and politicians. Peter can be reached at…Peter@HugoDogood.net Your comments are invited.


William Thompson

Life and Times

With an a Master of Fine Arts diploma in one hand and an Anthropology PhD in the other, William Thompson discovered a way to parlay his passion for mountaineering into a fascinating career as a photojournalist – using the camera lens as his ultimate “paintbrush.”

Thompson worked for 12 years with National Geographic, having created the first and only complete aerial coverage of Mt. Everest for the magazine. Other exotic assignments involved traveling via yak train through the Bhutanese Himalaya, living with pygmies in deep of Africa, and photographing the Asian elephant on its tragic path toward extinction.

His commercial image work includes major campaigns for Wells Fargo, Leo Burnett, Starbucks, Marlboro, Boeing, United Airlines, Intel, and Holland America.

Today, Thompson lives in a 90-year old log home near the waters of Puget Sound – and still finds adventure in climbing. Fee free to reach out to William via the following points of contact:

William Thompson Photograph/Film
15566 Sandy Hook Rd. NE
Poulsbo, WA