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Simply put, you deserve the best when it comes to any service or repair on your luxury timepiece, whether it’s modern or historic. Our company is dedicated to not only assuring your complete satisfaction but also forging a relationship with you that’s built on “trust.” That’s why we work to assure that every prospective new customer — as well as our loyal, long-time customers too — feel comfortable before proceeding to use any of our professional watch services. We happily invest time with our customers. We’ll thoroughly answer all your questions and concerns either by phone or e-mail. We’ll even give you an extensive list of references and testimonials of past customers including contact information for some (with their permission, of course). So, don’t take our word for it. Ask our loyal customers or scroll through the many testimonials on this Web site.

To get an estimate for watch service or repair, simply Click Here or call us at 888-876-9282 or 305-381-6343. One of our expert Timekeepers will contact you to ask you such questions as: What’s the age of your watch? When was your watch last serviced? What problems, if any, are you having with your watch?

In most cases, we can provide you with a good faith estimate for service or repairs on your watch. That said, in some cases, you’ll need to send us your watch so that we can diagnose the problem and give you an accurate estimate and time frame for completing the work.

The good news is that there is never a charge for an estimate and inbound shipping is FREE of charge, compliments of WatchRepair.net. But, please only send us your watch after we have communicated. That way, we’ll know to expect your watch.

Yes, it can be a painful experience to learn that any package and its contents have been damaged in shipping. For this reason, we’ll send you a specially designed, protective Pelican WatchRepairPak® via USPS Priority Mail, so you can safely and conveniently ship your valuable timepiece to us for an estimate and service or repair.

There’s no charge for receiving this protective packaging. It’s our way of assuring that your customer experience with WatchRepair.net starts off “the right way” from the beginning.

Your Pelican WatchRepairPak® will arrive via USPS at your home or place of business two or three business days after you’ve spoken with one of our Timekeepers. It will include both instructions for packing up your watch and a prepaid UPS® shipping label. Then, you simply drop the prepared package at the nearest UPS® location.

We’ll contact you promptly via e-mail or phone after we’ve received your watch. Once our Master Timekeeper has inspected your watch and diagnosed any problem(s), we’ll contact you to confirm the estimate.

Again, the inbound shipping is “on us,” and there is never a charge for the estimate. If, for any reason you decide not to proceed with the repair, WatchRepair.net will ship your watch back to you.

So, Click Here to get started or call us today at 888-876-9282.

Our chief watchmaker is an experienced craftsman with exceptional attention to detail. Highly respected in his profession, he’s a certified CW21 watchmaker.

Rest assured. Your high-quality timepiece is in the hands of a master. All staff are highly trained and, depending on the job, appropriately certified.

In addition, WatchRepair.net is committed to the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute’s (AWCI) Code of Ethics; all Institute members are asked to conduct themselves as professional horologists in ways that reflect well upon themselves, the organization, and the profession. WatchRepair.net is proudly owned by Jeff Herman.

Absolutely, we do! In fact, we warranty all work for a period of 12 months. Even after the official warranty period is passed, we want to know if you experience any problem with your timepiece. We proudly stand behind our work and will do our best to satisfy every customer.

Taking pride in providing the industry’s best service, we stand behind our work 100 percent. While rare, if the watch fails and it has anything to do with how we performed our service, we’ll do whatever is necessary to remedy the situation in a timely manner.

Just call us at 888-876-9282 or contact us by e-mail at support@watchrepair.net. Tell us about your issue and we’ll coordinate the return of your watch so that we can correct the problem.

10a.m. to 6p.m., Monday through Friday.

We are in the Eastern time zone. If we’re not available when you call, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We do respond to estimate requests over the weekend. Please allow 24 hours for us to reply.

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

You can pay upon verbal or written approval of your watch service or repair estimate.

Common Watch Parts We Replace​

Some customers want to know about some of the parts that we change in watches, we tell you. Well, we think that your mainspring is worn. Well, that doesn’t mean anything to you. Well, here’s a mainspring. And this is what we check. We see if it’s worn in any way. You can run your finger right down through it. And I can tell you, this one is very curvy. It’s got worn spots in it. And in some spots it’s not.

The mainspring is the heartbeat of the watch. This has to be almost perfect. So it’s been in your watch four or five years. It’s coiling. It’s uncoiling. It’s coiling it. It’s uncoiling. This goes on day after day after day, hour after hour almost. So we want to replace this. If it has any worn problems at all, the better your mainspring, the better timing you’re going to have. And we want you to have excellent timing on your watch.

So if we got in our estimate, we think you need a new mainspring. This is why this has to be perfect.

Another thing that we replace not often, but on occasion we do, and it goes back to your automatic system, we’ve talked about your rotor weight, your rotor axle, and when that spins, rotor weight is going around. It goes through two parts called a reverser and a driver. And it takes that action and goes down to the mainspring. So we’ll wind your mainspring. So if you’re oscillating, weight is working properly, you reversers and drivers, if they need to be replaced. That’s another thing that we do here at watchrepair.net.
One of the parts that we use a lot whenever we service your Rolex is called an oscillating weight axle, so every time you move your wrist, you’re oscillating, weight is moving around, which winds your mainspring. Will this weight comes right down through to the axle and is totally spinning all the time. So whenever your Rolex grease or oil starts breaking down on your axle, it shows a lot of wear. So whenever your hit your watch and you hear this thunk or clunk or something, metal scraping on metal, it’s a good chance that your rotor axle is getting worn and we will replace those whenever we do a service job.
Whenever we’re done polishing your case and your band, cleaning the insides of your watch, putting the final things that we want to see is to see if your watch will pressure test or what a lot of people call waterproofing. What we will do is put it in this Wycheproof proof master. It is from Switzerland. Very nice machine, unfortunately, very expensive machine. Nonetheless, we use this on every watch that we do here. Watchrepair.net and what this does is this canister goes down and creates a vacuum around your watch. Very, very precise pins are on that. So if it starts to leak, these pins will move one way or another and it will show that it is not pressure proof. So where is the moisture coming in if it doesn’t pass the test? There’s no way of knowing. It’s either going to come in through the crystal. It’s either going to come in through the back gasket or it’s going to come through your tube and crown apparatus. So what we do is we put it on this machine, we immerse your watch in the water, press this button and it creates a vacuum in that chamber.
Whenever you send your watch into us, we send you an estimate and most of the time, if not all of the time, we’re going to put a brand new acrylic or plastic crystal on your Rolex, not necessarily for the scratches or the nicks. It is more of a pressure proofing problem. You’re you’ve had your plastic crystal on your watch, 5, 10, maybe even sometimes 15 years. And the acrylic or the plastic gets very brittle and it gets hard. So whenever you hit your crystal, whenever it’s that old, instead of being malleable, it’s actually very, very brittle and it’ll crack down the side of the crystal, which allows water to come in your watch. So whenever you send your watch to us, we’re just about always going to replace your plastic crystal for pressure proofing.
One of the final things that we do here, at watchrepair.net, is we check your watch on an automatic winder. This is this piece of equipment that’s slowly going around. We put your watch on this nine o’clock in the morning. It’s in constant motion. It shuts off at five o’clock in the afternoon. So it simulates your work day. And what we also do is set your watch to this atomic clock. So, I mean, it keeps extremely accurate time. So we leave your watch on this automatic winder for four days. And if it’s in with Rolex specifications, whatever your model is, we send it back to you after it’s been on here for four days.

Make sure to have your precision time piece professionally serviced.

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