Omega® Overhaul Special $399*

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Omega Overhaul Service - $399 Special*

Finetuning your Omega timepiece, our CW21 Certified Watchmaker will:

  • Carefully disassemble your entire watch piece by piece.
  • Ultrasonically clean and degrease all parts.
  • Inspect for any signs of excessive wear.
  • Replace the case back seal, crystal seal and crown gaskets.
  • Refinish the watch case, the bracelet, and the bezel to remove scuff marks and scratches.
  • Lubricate all moving parts with the highest-grade lubricants and oils.
  • Reassemble your watch and test it to assure accuracy, water resistance and proper operation of all functionality. Adjustments also will be made accordingly. 

Many clients say: “It’s almost as good as new!”

Our Commitment to You

We stand solidly behind our professional work. 

All watch overhaul/repair work is backed by a full one-year warranty.

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March, 2020After 55 years of owning and wearing an Omega Sea master De Ville, I never had it serviced until sending it to the "MEN of THEIR WORD" at Watch Repair. Now keep in mind I wore this watch through Viet-Nam for a year. Never pulled it off and when I came home and was released from Active duty I became a welder and wore it still, even while welding in the field and also in the shop. You can only imagine the conditions this poor watch went through....however the watch had been rigged by me with "Super Glue, and staples" to hold the watch face on and the staples to hold the bracelet together!! Now I have a prized Omega again and the watch and bracelet are impeccable!! Thank You to the welder and the watchmaker and of course to Mr. Jeff and Mr. Marc. Their Word is absolutely "TRUTH!" Paul Sims Fultondale, Alabama
Paul Sims, Fultondale, AL | Omega,

*The above Omega Overhaul Service – SPECIAL OFFER $399 – excludes chronographs and more complicated movements. Some repairs may require replacement of unusual parts. As such, this would not be covered in the Omega Overhaul Service – SPECIAL OFFER $399. Unusual repairs may take longer due to special ordering of these parts. A revised estimate will be provided for your approval. –

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