July, 2021Amazing job. This watch means a lot to me and to have it restored, except for minor nicks on the band, to looking new was extremely satisfying and assured me that I chose the right company. Thank you much
Mori Desnoes-Robinson, Davie, FL
July, 2021A flawless restoration performed for my family heirloom! Thanks watchrepair.net!
Aaron Mutscheller, San Rafael, CA
July, 2021Needed to have my 31 year old Tag Heuer repaired. Found WatchRepair.Net and entrusted my watch with them. Could not be more pleased with the level of "Customer service" and Care in shipping and returning my watch. Highly recommend with 5***** Stars to anyone wanting to get a timepiece repaired. Thank you again, Jeff and Michelle Herman !
Dante Abbate, Lake Grove, NY
July, 2021I had 2 experiences with WatchRepair.net. Both times i was very impressed with the level of service and attentiveness to my request. Jeff and his group were knowledgeable, thorough, and proactive about all phases of the work. One watch required an almost custom fabrication solution, and they did what it took to get the job done. I would trust Jeff and WatchRepair.net with any watch i owned.
Dimitrios Sogas, Burlingame, CA
July, 2021So happy with my Omega Seamaster repair! The watch was purchased in 2002 and it’ looks brand new! VIP service all the well. Will definitely use watch repair again for future service! 5 stars! Thanks so much!!
Brian Duffy, Chicago, IL
July, 2021I have owned the watch for 42 years. I was very pleased with the way my Omega Constellation watch service was done. From start to finish, I had good information about the service and replacement of parts. It was sent back with a GPS tracking device to monitor its path. I recommend this watch service and repair service highly.
Mohamed N Noohu, West Hills, CA
July, 2021Good things come to those who wait. Marc Imberman and his team told me things were in bad shape but given time they repaired and replaced components that made a sentimental watch come back to life. They took time but carried out thier promises.SS
Scott Schermerhorn, Placida, FL
July, 2021Just received my Omega Speedmaster back from repair and it is amazing absolutely looks and functions like new. I am a repeat customer and here folks have knocked it out of the park once again. Thank you for my great experience.
Edward Small, Hot Springs, AR
July, 2021I could not be more pleased that watchrepair.net were entrusted to service my vintage Rolex submariner. They did an excellent job. The service they gave was quick and to a very high standard, communication was great and of course the secure mailing box they provide dispelled any anxiety with regard to secure transit. I can honestly recommend WatchRepair.net to anyone who needs service or repair of a precious time piece. My Rolex is now back on my wrist keeping perfect time ticking away as new. Thank you WatchRepair.net I will certainly contact you again for service to other watches in my collection.
Paul Cracknell, Salem, OR
July, 2021I recently had WatchRepair.net service both my Panerai 88 & Anonimo Mark II. Due to the fact that I now live in a very small town I did not have access to a CW21 Certified Watchmaker. I found WatchRepair.net and connected with Jeff, Mark and Michelle who provided a level of service, communication and follow-up that I give a service level of 10 stars. I received my watches in a timely fashion, looking and functioning outstanding. This company is highly focused on quality service, details and great communication.
Richard Reilly, Apple Valley, UT
July, 2021Thanks to Jeff and Marc and all of the expert technicians at Watch Repair.net, the complete overhaul and refurbishing of my Double Red Submariner Rolex, was completed to the highest degree possible. I have been diving with this watch for over 50 years and am enjoying my "like new" watch knowing that Jeff and Marc were able to use my original parts to complete the job.
Chuck Bruemmer, Montara, CA
July, 2021I have had the pleasure of sending three separate fine watches to Jeff, Mark, Michelle and Team in the past 4 months. Not only have they communicated clearly and consistently, the quality of workmanship and repairs exceeded my expectations. I have used local jewelers for my collection in the past and was reluctant to send a fine piece by mail. WatchRepair.net has made me a lifetime customer and I will refer other fine watch collectors their way. Thank you all again! Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy, Austin, TX
July, 2021In March, my 23 year old Rolex Submariner just decided to stop running. I found WatchRepair dot net on the first entry in a browser search. Even though there’s a local Rolex retailer, I decided to give this online service a shot. Their service, contacts, shipment/delivery protocols were top notch and thoroughly professional. I just received my serviced Rolex back this afternoon and I am astonished at how good it looks. Of course, it’s running perfectly as well. Thank you, Jeff, Michelle, and Marc for a delightful online service. I highly recommend your site to others needing repair of high-end timepieces. Bravo!
Kelly Turk, Boise, ID
July, 2021I’m very satisfied with watchrepair.net and would recommend them to a friend or family member. I entrusted them with my ten year old Breitling time piece; the process went smoothly and my watch is like new.
Deon Carter, Montclair, NJ
July, 2021From the first phone call to getting my Tag Heuer back on my wrist Marc and Jeff made it simple and safe. The shipping method was excellent both directions. When I got my timepiece back it looked as good as the day I bought it a decade ago. All the small signs of wear and tear are gone and it absolutely sparkles again. Thank you WatchRepair.net!
Steven Livermore, Hillsboro, OR
July, 2021I must admit to having been somewhat hesitant to entrust my heirloom Omega for much needed repair to a company found on line. If you are facing the same dilemma, however, please do not hesitate one instant to contact WatchRepair. net ; they are simply the very best, yes, in the country perhaps. The work is expertly done. Now I have a more or less seventy-year old Omega Automatic looking and working as if it were new or, perhaps, better. I thank the folks at Watch Repair.
W. Pierre Jacoebee, Roanoke, VA
July, 2021My watch was recently returned to me from WatchRepair.net, and for the 2nd time, it looks and runs like new. During the repair, I had a problem with it and returned it to Jeff Herman for further review. If the true measure of customer service is evident when there is a problem, WatchRepair.net gets high praise not only for taking care of the issue, but going above and beyond in their efforts to make sure all was right and that I was satisfied. Any future repairs will always be done by Jeff and his technicians as a result of everything he did to ensure my satisfaction.
John Fry, Duluth, GA
July, 2021I just received my Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watch from watchrepair.net and I'm amazed at seeing how well my watch looked and how it's working. Mind you I'm talking about a watch that is 48 years old. The watch needed to have a major overhaul. I tried several watch repair shops to no avail. I found watchrepair.net on the internet and was impressed with the before and after pictures of the watches that they repaired. So I wrote to Jeff, who responded that same day, explaining the watches damage. After receiving the watch Jeff gave me call and gave me the cost of repair that I agreed to. The estimate of the time it would take for the repair was very reasonable which was three weeks. But the repair only took two weeks. Now I'm wearing a great looking watch that looks brand new. I highly recommend Watchrepair.net to anyone who owns a luxury watch that needs repair.
William Rojas, Miami, FL
July, 2021I wanted to wait a few days before responding to your request for a testimonial to make sure that my old Rolex was working properly. I am happy to report that it is doing fine and after years in storage is now telling time again. I had given up hope of finding anyone who could fix it when I located your website and decided to take a risk. I am very impressed with your operation, which is designed to allay fears over sending an heirloom through the mail to strangers. You sent me the shipping box and kept me informed about location of the watch. The tracking system on the box was really nice and showed me its precise location at any given time. You had emails sent to me to keep me up to date and I never had a problem contacting you if I had a question. Great work! The watch came back in working condition with a new crystal and nice alligator band.The only slight problem is that the repair seemed to take a long time, most of which may have been due to the number of days the watch was in shipping. I realize in COVID times that things take longer that usual and I do not blame WatchRepair for the apparent delays.I am a satisfied customer and I want to thank you for service you provide.I should point out that the Rolex Oyster Royal watch that you repaired was worn by my father who was in the British Army in India during World War II. He was an American working in India before the U.S. got into the war and was offered a position in the British military rather than spend the duration in a government facility. The story is that officers were issued (or required to purchase?) Rolex watches because of their reliabililty and accuracy. He was stationed in Calcutta and assigned to defend a dam against Japanese attack. The watch has seen a great deal and thanks to your company it continues to be a functioning time piece.
Alan R. Sandstrom, Pittsfield, MA
July, 2021I have an Omega Seamaster watch that was in dire need of a service and some repair, the watch was scratched and just looked old, the watch no longer shined and worked as it once did. I called watch repair and spoke to Jeff. He was extremely helpful, explained the cost, what would be done to include shipping, how long it would take Etc. Jeff answered all my questions without hesitation. When my watch was returned I could not believe the condition. The watch looked like a brand new time piece from the factory. Simply put the watch was beautiful. I would, with any hesitation have watch repair service any of my other watches. Jeff and his team are very professional, they kept me update all through the service process. Thank you very much, it was a real pleasure doing business with Jeff and the watch repair team. John McCormack
John G McCormack, Manalapan, NJ

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William Thompson

Life and Times

With an a Master of Fine Arts diploma in one hand and an Anthropology PhD in the other, William Thompson discovered a way to parlay his passion for mountaineering into a fascinating career as a photojournalist – using the camera lens as his ultimate “paintbrush.”

Thompson worked for 12 years with National Geographic, having created the first and only complete aerial coverage of Mt. Everest for the magazine. Other exotic assignments involved traveling via yak train through the Bhutanese Himalaya, living with pygmies in deep of Africa, and photographing the Asian elephant on its tragic path toward extinction.

His commercial image work includes major campaigns for Wells Fargo, Leo Burnett, Starbucks, Marlboro, Boeing, United Airlines, Intel, and Holland America.

Today, Thompson lives in a 90-year old log home near the waters of Puget Sound – and still finds adventure in climbing. Fee free to reach out to William via the following points of contact:

William Thompson Photograph/Film
15566 Sandy Hook Rd. NE
Poulsbo, WA