April, 2020Marc and Watchrepair.net did an excellent job. Simple expectations, the work be done as promised in the time promised for the price promised. That is exactly what he did which unfortunately seems increasingly rare. I would recommend him and his services without reservation. Todd Bottorff President Turner Publishing
Todd Bottorff, Nashville, TN
April, 2020I can't say enough about these guys. They fixed my wife's Cartier watch and I sent my Cartier mistakenly to them and when we got it all straightened out they were so helpful and understanding. Great customer service AND watch repair!!!!!
Jim McCain, Hillsboro, MO
April, 2020Service and clean of my 1987 Rolex Datejust. Watch looks like new and price was considerably less than a Rolex dealer. Good communication throughout . Thank you.
Brendon Lewington, Fort Lauderdale, FL
April, 2020I had damaged my 1986 President Day/Date Rolex watch, so I started looking for someone to repair my watch. My local jeweler was willing to fix or send to Rolex. I was curious as to what I might find on the internet and ran across WatchRepair.net. As most of us would be, I was reluctant to send it through the mail to someone that I did not know, I spoke with Jeff and he was very assuring, I researched on line reviews and services. With reservations I decided to send it to WatchRepair.net. They were wonderful followed through on all their promises and where very competitive on pricing. My Rolex looks amazing. Thank you guys so much, I will be using you again.
E. Wayne Judge, San Antonio, TX
April, 2020everybody at watch repair was great did what they say and rolex watch is perfect thanks
Larry Neuwirth, Wilmington, NC
March, 2020I recieved my watch Tuesday and it both runs and looks great. The people at WatchRepair did an outstanding job. I came to you after Rolex said they wound only replace the battery if they changed the electronis components and the corroded bracelet. How does a stainless steel and gold bracelet corrode? That is when I started looking around for someone who was not a crook like Rolex and,luckily,I found your ad. My Oysterquartz Datejust has not looked so good since I first recieved it. Thank you again for the prompt service and great work.
Bill Denton, Sheridan, WY | Rolex,
March, 2020So i got my Rolex back today and all i can say is Wow! It looks like new. I wanted to send it out several years ago when the main spring broke and even got the box from Jeff and it is still in my office. I never sent it and had someone local repair it and when is started acting up i decided to reach out to Jeff and this time I had send out the new watch pack and was impressed from the box and packaging to geet the watch to them and the calls along the way to update me. I would recomend them to anyone who needs watch repair and i will be sending my Baume & Mercier to them next!
Steve Rothenberger, East Greenville, PA | Baume & Mercier,
March, 2020The year was 1969-I was 20 years old and I was in the market for a watch that would last. I bought a Rolex Explorer 1016 because of the reputation of having a strongly built movement and no other "complications" that I thought might break. I paid $200 for that watch and my dad thought I had lost my mind to pay such a ridiculous price for a watch. I have been wearing the watch for over 50 years and, although it was running-I realized that I had not had the watch serviced for about 30 years. I found Watch Repair. net on line and called about having the watch cleaned and lubricated. I spoke with Jeff on the phone and they sent a very sturdy strong box for me the send the watch to them-It was sent to California where their vintage watch specialist could tend to it. It was a good thing that I sent it to them because they found some rust and some parts that needed attention. I am very pleased with the work, the watch looks and runs well and they did not disturb the vintage "patina" of the watch. I never intend to sell this watch, but to pass it on to my son-but after seeing similar (and not as good looking) Rolex 1016 Explorers on eBay-I am floored by the prices demanded for this watch. Dad was wrong! I highly recommend Watch Repair. net for servicing your valuable watch!
Tom Wilson, Pineville, LA | Rolex,
March, 2020I want to take this time to send my thanks to Mark, Jeff and the entire team at WatchRepair.net for a great job ! There are a lot of memories attached to my wife's 40 year old Rolex Ladies Oyster Perpetual Date watch, and it was not in good shape, but their team did a wonderful job. It came back looking brand new, and my wife is very happy to finally get her Rolex back and working perfectly.
Dick Rhodes, Green Valley, AZ | Rolex,
March, 2020Just got my 1947 Breitling Premier back from Jeff. Very timely and professional communication, very safe shipping with special packaging. Watch is beautiful and is working as it should.
Mark C Smedley MD, Loomis, CA | Breitling,
March, 2020My Omega Seamaster was purchased in 2001 and this watch has been my daily watch ever since. It is a workhorse and abused watch. I swim with it, work around the house with it, work on my cars with it etc. There is no mercy in terms of abuse. And obviously, it has accumulated some nice scars along these years. I originally discovered Jeff and his online watch repair by accident sometimes around 2010. At that time his shop did very solid job as well. This second time, my watch was in desperate needs for overhaul and bezel replacement. It was loosing time and its bezel was in bad shape. So, I reached out to Jeff again. He was able to quickly identify my watch from my first repair and promptly sent me this robust watch box. I mind you, this plastic box looks strong enough to withstand a nuclear bomb explosion! I wrapped it up per his instructions and sent it along. Shortly thereafter he called me back to acknowledge the receipt of my watch and with the list what he would do to put it back to its original glory. In my case the whole process took about 8 weeks. Little longer I had expected but it is worthy. I received my watch back a couple of days ago and I have to say it looks like straight out of Omega factory. The bracelet has been polished, all scratches are practically gone. And the watch itself looks like a brand new piece. I will keep an eye on its time keep for a while and see if it is as precise as I expect to be. I would strongly recommend Jeff and Marc to anyone. Let them make your watch new again. Thanks Jeff and Marc! Best, George
George Hrubec, Boston, MA | Omega,
March, 2020Just got my Rolex back. Thank you for the excellent and professional service. I had this watch since 1983 and it look brand new. Thank you again.
John C. Black, Lamoille, NV | Rolex,
March, 2020Jeff & Marc at WatchRepair.net are outstanding! Although my Omega Seamaster was out of warranty by several months, they were gracious enough to repair it for only the cost of the parts. I'll definitely be sending my other Omegas to WatchRepair.net when they're due for repair!
Gary Kawasaki, Seattle, WA | Omega,
March, 2020I just received my grandfather's restored 1956 Bulova 23 wristwatch from watchrepair.net today. t is absolutely beautiful and looks like a "new" watch, and I showed it to mom, her father’s watch, and she fully agrees. The watch runs excellent and it’s nice that it no longer rattles when I move my wrist. This is because of watchrepair.net’s great mechanical work replacing the oscillating wheel axle, as well as other needed/required maintenance. Everything from the beautiful crocodile band Marc selected, the replacement crystal, the watch face, and the polished hands are first-class! I can't stop admiring how beautiful the watch is on my wrist, and makes me feel good thinking this is how the watch must’ve looked new or when papaw purchased it ?! I'll close this short comment thanking watchrepair.net again for doing a superb job restoring my grandfather's Bulova 23! Thanks to you I received today a cherished family heirloom I'll enjoy wearing for many years. Oh, another thought and FYI, when I'm ready I'll send you my grandfather’s Elgin thin-thin self-winding wristwatch to restore. While the Bulova 23 was his Sunday dress watch, the Elgin was papaw’s every day or work watch. I know you will also do first-class work and pay excellent attention to detail restoring this watch as well! God bless!
Trevor Shockley, Montgomery, TX | Bulova,
March, 2020I would like to thank the professional men of their word. They did exactly what said in a timely manner. My wife’s Rolex was not keeping time and was showing some signs of wear. It came back looking new and keeping time perfectly. I gave my wife this watch as a 25th anniversary gift and we have now been married 49 years. It means a lot to us. The fair price and care was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you again RM
Rick Marquette, Knox, PA | Rolex,
March, 2020I'm taking this opportunity to send my thanks to Mark, Jeff and the entire team at WatchRepair.net for a job well done! My Rolex Submariner came back on-time, in beautiful condition and looking almost like brand new! I'm so happy to be wearing it again!!! I'll highly recommend your services to anyone in need of watch repairs. Sincerely, Dave Findlay
David Findlay, Guyton, GA | Rolex,
March, 2020I have had both of my Rolex watches serviced by Jeff in the past and they were returned to me and looked and worked like new at a reasonable price. When my mom recently passed I inherited her Rolex Oyster. It is about 20 years old and mom never had it serviced. It looked “tired” but I thought it would be worth a try with Jeff. I wanted to give it to my cousins wife for her upcoming 50th birthday. I just received the watch and it looks like knew again. I will be so proud to give this to Karen. I will always trust Jeff with any Rolex, you should too!
John Golaner, North Bethesda, MD | Rolex,
March, 2020I was skeptical at first but after reading all the testimonials I decided to give "Watch Repair" a shot at fixing my Rolex. I've only had it back for a week or so and its working and looking like new. Also, for those considering WatchRepair.net I say that they are very professional in all aspects and keep you informed throughout the process. Emilio Gonzalez
Emilio Gonzalez, Gainesville, FL | Rolex,
March, 2020After determining that local watch repairs are really not local, I found these guys on line. They did a great job of convincing me of their competence and the finished repair proved it. My 63 year old college graduation Omega Constellation watch has never been better.
F. G. Heath, Asheville, NC | Omega,
March, 2020I've owned and worn daily my Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust for 36 years I've never had a problem with it other than replace the ban. It all of sudden stopped working. I contacted a Rolex dealer near by to inquire about repair and was told it would cost $795.00 to evaluate the problem plus an additional cost for the repairs. I would also have to be without my watch for 60 to 90 days. I googled Rolex repair and found WatchRepair.net I entered my information and within minutes I was contacted by phone. I felt comfortable after our conversation to send my watch to these folks for repair. I was impressed by the professional and timely manner that they afforded me. When I received my watch back it looked like a new one. The cost of repair was very reasonable I would recommend their services to anyone and will. I'm very pleased with the whole experience.
Chris Whitehead, Rocky Mount, NC | Rolex,

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