James Norris

I’ve dabbled in jewelry my whole life. So that’s about 65 adult years. During this time I have owned several time pieces. Typically I bought watches that when they stopped working I threw it away and bought another. About 30 years ago I decided to invest in buying a quality time piece. And now I […]

John Teresa

I found watchrepair.net on Google and I was a bit paranoid about sending my Rolex to strangers in another state. But, everyone I spoke with allayed my fears and everything turned out just fine. Great experience overall and I’m quite sure their warranty will be honored if ever needed.

Ivan Banat

Gave my GMT to WatchRepairs.net for its first service after 32 years of continues use. Mark was very transparent on what will happen both from the service/technical side to the pricing/logistic part of the service. The actions that followed were exactly as Mark explained. All watch handling was insured & safe. The unknowns issues that […]

Sandra Henry

This Rolex watch was a wedding gift to my husband who passed away three years ago. I just recently took it out and looked at it and realized that it was really worn. It was given in love and worn in love!! So,I sent it to the watch repair guys And it just came back […]

Irv Miller

For more than 20 years I have been having my watches serviced other companies that claimed to be Rolex service techs. I have never had an experience as professional from start to finish as I did with this company. Including GPS tracking, no hidden cost, follow up calls and emails to let me know status. […]

Mike Phipps

Once again, exceptional service. Thorough information always provided with any service, much appreciated. Two of my sons have taken advantage of the service, and have experienced the same result..excellent custome service. Thank you, Jeff and your staff for your knowledge and kindness. Mike

Sheryll Johnson

I love that my Rolex looks and runs like a new one. The speed of repair and return was phenomenal. Thank you, WatchRepair.net

Robbie Zelman

I wish I had a before and after picture because what I gave him was the worst situation in the world that needed major repair, and they brought my watch back to life. Truthfully, I didn’t think they can do it. God Bless and Thank you

Mark Watters

Watch looks and runs great now. Very fast turnaround AAA service and couldn’t be more pleased

Curtiss Northcutt

Thanks, Watch repair!! My watch just arrived and it’s almost as beautiful when my family bought it! It actually looks brand new. Thanks for your expert workmanship and dedication. So glad I sent my watch to your expert technicians. Thanks again Mark

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Peter Perry

Peter is an independent journalist and an accomplished author. He possesses over 45 years of management and business development experience. Peter is a native of Upstate New York and was the founder and CEO of a leading healthcare technology company that served state and federal government agencies and several notable Fortune 1000 companies across the US. Prior to founding his own company, he was employed by the IBM Company in sales, marketing, and support positions. He has extensive management and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of business sectors. He has participated in special management programs such as the Entrepreneurial Program at The Wharton School of Business and the IBM President’s class at Babson College. He has authored three books on computer technology and writes an independent news column and has consulted with and provided management assistance to organizations large and small in a variety of industries. He recently completed an authoritative Novel “The Union” which is scheduled for release in February 2022 by Archway Publishing (Simon and Shuster). It is an in-depth look at the corruption within organized labor and their criminal relationships with the mafia and politicians. Peter can be reached at…Peter@HugoDogood.net Your comments are invited.


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William Thompson

Life and Times

With an a Master of Fine Arts diploma in one hand and an Anthropology PhD in the other, William Thompson discovered a way to parlay his passion for mountaineering into a fascinating career as a photojournalist – using the camera lens as his ultimate “paintbrush.”

Thompson worked for 12 years with National Geographic, having created the first and only complete aerial coverage of Mt. Everest for the magazine. Other exotic assignments involved traveling via yak train through the Bhutanese Himalaya, living with pygmies in deep of Africa, and photographing the Asian elephant on its tragic path toward extinction.

His commercial image work includes major campaigns for Wells Fargo, Leo Burnett, Starbucks, Marlboro, Boeing, United Airlines, Intel, and Holland America.

Today, Thompson lives in a 90-year old log home near the waters of Puget Sound – and still finds adventure in climbing. Fee free to reach out to William via the following points of contact:

William Thompson Photograph/Film
15566 Sandy Hook Rd. NE
Poulsbo, WA