Rahul Panesar

Great experience. Marc and Jeff were thorough and responsive. Good turn around time of about 4 weeks and solid repair warranty of 12 months. Pricing was reasonable and I am very happy with my repair. I would recommend this service to anyone over a jeweler or manufacturer.

John Miller

I recently had a Tag Heuer Autavia Viceroy repaired. I am quite satisfied with the repair but the communications could stand some improvement. It was not clear that after the watch was overhauled in California it would be sent back to Florida for ‘quality control’. That led to a bit of concern on my part […]

Chris Van Hest

My watch was repaired quickly and the process was easy and professional. If you want a great experience I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Michelle Schlekeway

Very impressed! Everyone I interacted with was friendly and helpful with the process. First time using them , Very clear on pricing and steps in the process. They are professional and I would highly recommend them!

Jon Nelson

Like many, I am cautious about online transactions. One can easily become neurotically distrustful. So I did my homework regarding Watch Repair, even then I was hesitant. I am pleased to report that my anticipatory anxiety was needless. I purchased my Tag Heuer Carrera in 2012. I had never had it serviced. In November it […]

Greg Maner

I just received my Tag Aquaracer from WatchRepair.net. The watch is 12 years old and it looks brand new. The crown had to be repaired because it would no longer screw down and now it is perfect. They worked with me on my budget and kept me informed about how the work was going. Great […]

Charles Ewing

Great service, fast and efficient. Would highly recommend!

Geoff Pinney

Great service, reasonable price and excellent, responsible (WatchRepair used a GPS tracking device). Much better than the factory service.

Mark McKenzie MD

I have a Tag Heuer Aquaracer that needed repair and service. I sent the watch in for an evaluation and heard back right away when the watch was received and what service was recommended. I also was advised it would be done in 2-3 weeks. It was repaired and back in 2 1/2 weeks and […]

Jeff Canipe

One evening I noticed my AquaRacer was running slow. Thinking that perhaps it had stopped at sometime, I gave it a few winds. It was then I heard a click and the second hand stopped. After coming across WatchRepair.net from a few searches, I gave them a call. I was immediately impressed with their knowledge […]