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WatchRepair repaired and serviced my Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. I inherited the watch from my father and WatchRepair did a fantastic job of repairing the band and servicing the watch.

I highly recommend Marc and his team.

Regards, Paul

G. Paul Schuitt
Phoenix, AZ
November, 2019

We were happy with the secure box they sent to us to ship our rolex watch. They called us when they received the watch and soon after called back with an estimate. We agreed and went forward with the repairs. There was a sentimental value for the watch. My husband said the watch looked great with the new band and the new bezel on the front. We received it back Monday Nov.25,2019 and are happy with the service. We feel they did an outstanding job.

Barbara Fisher
West Hartford, CT
November, 2019

In 1972, when I was living in Copenhagen, DK, I was given a Rolex “Oyster Perpetual; Submariner”. That meant the most to me and I wore the watch always and everywhere, including some heavy construction when I came back to the U.S.A. and was older.

The watch got used and abused, banged up but not ruined entirely. Around 1995 when I was building golf courses in Palm Desert, CA, the self winding mechanism went “gunny-bag” (broke) so I wound it mechanically. When I was back home (Oregon) on a break, I turned the watch over to a local Jewelers who, besides selling finery, touted themselves as “Rolex experts”. Leaving it with them, I went back to Palm Springs. Probably 8 weeks later I got the watch back via US Mail, in a baggy. Yeah, it worked, and the crystal was replaced, and it looked great, but after paying out 1200$ the self-winding mechanism still didn’t work! The next day, when I was manually winding it, I felt the resistance in the stem “give”; something inside broke. And I lost a best friend I was with everyday of my adult life to date. I knew I wouldn’t be sending it back to the “Rolex Expert” in my home town who ripped me off.

The watch was relegated to my wife’s jewelry box, and I thought I’d find another place to start over fixing it. I missed it but didn’t find a specialist and then went on with my life without it.

Fast-forward to 2019 when I stumbled across “Watch Repair. Net” and I met Jeff and Marc. During subsequent phone conversations and e-mails, these folks acted like true pros, and if they ever spoke with a Swiss accent, like Master Watch makers from there, I wouldn’t be surprised. They paid attention to every detail, including packaging and security (not a baggy in a mailing envelope – a secure, heavy plastic box with thick packing inside).

They had the watch about 6 weeks. Throughout both Jeff and Marc kept in touch. They always eoievered what was promised. Jeff’s assessment began with a thorough diagnosis. The job was estimated at @ $1500 and I paid. The job included gutting the watch and reconstructing it because that was needed. The piece was made in 1970 so it is an antique and a classic, but worthless, really. After Jeff and Marc (and their staff) did their voodoo the watch has been appraised at between 7-10,000$. 1.5K got me 10K but most importantly it put the watch back on my wrist. It was definitely a reunion with an old friend.

My first impression of the watch when I tore open the mailer from “Watch Repair. Net” after the renovation, was, it looked new; not even the smallest scratch, seriously, like brand new and had never been on any wrist.

Of all the things I can say about these people, this is what’ll introduce them to you: They are in Florida and I am on the West Coast; Eastern Time/Pacific Time. I got the watch back working and set on my time. They took the time, when setting it, to think of me and where I am. 3 hours different than them. They thought of me, and cared. I’ve been checking the accuracy of the watch’s timing against my computer and it remains 100% accurate.

Needless to say, I fully recommend these folks. They are “Master Watchmakers”. Their charges are quite affordable and more than worth it for what you get.

Everyone who has a wrist or pocket watch like mine, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Rolex, has to have a watch-maker, like in Europe, and besides having my watch back on my wrist, I’ve got these pros to help me care for it. So besides having my “friend” back, I gained two more I have the utmost respect and admiration for.

Rob Williamson
Eugene, OR
November, 2019

Thanks Mark for a job well done on the cleaning and repair of my Oyster Perpetual Day Date Rolex!
Although I was hesitant at first to send my Rolex hundreds of miles away to a unknown watch repair company, I couldn’t have been more pleased with all facets of my watch repair experience with your company! My watch looks great and works to perfection just like it did when I first purchased it some 30+ years ago. You have earned my future business!

Mike McGlone
Centerville, OH
November, 2019

There are not enough words to describe the experience I had at Watch Repair with Jeff and Marc. Being my first Rolex, I wanted to make sure that I took good care of it. It seem that every place close to me made it sound like it was a very scary process to have it taken apart, cleaned, assessed and fixed. I decide to go to Watch Repair because of their ratings. I found that the ratings were right on. My personal experience was a five star plus experience! They have amazing communication, turnaround time and pricing. I was like a little kid in a candy store when my Rolex was returned. It was absolutely beautiful, like the day I got it! I cannot express my gratitude enough for the care they took of my watch. I know that you timepiece lovers understand what I mean, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at this website. Your special timepiece will be in the very best hands with Watch Repair. Thanks again Jeff and Marc for making this so painless, but more importantly the amazing experience!!! K,Grace

Kristin Grace
West Bend, WI
November, 2019

Watch Repair brought my Rolex back to new condition inside and out . Marc was very helpful and made me feel like I was an old friend . I will trust them for any of my repairs in the future .

Stan Stasko
Joppa , MD
November, 2019

A 70 year old Rolex Oyster that was losing 4 minutes per day. I contacted WatchRepair .net about its repair.
They were hesitant about taking it on due to the watches age but said to send it in.
They found they could repair the watch.
I now have a 70 year old Rolex Oyster that looks and runs like new.
Fantastic service and they keep you informed of the progress on your watch.

November, 2019

Received my submariner back today. Though I sent it in for a watch stoppage issue which I’m confident was repaired, it’s the revitalized appearance that was immediately apparent. My 8 year old watch now looks new.

Thanks for the great job and customer service.

Jim Wiegmann
Ukiah, CA
November, 2019

Outstanding work on my Breitling Avenger II. I had an issue with the date advance which was repaired. The watch came back in almost new condition. The case and bracelet were shiny and scratchless, better than when I sent it to Breitling for service. Luxury watch ownership is a commitment I’m not sure I would recommend, as the movements are more delicate than mass produced watches. But as long as I have mine I will send it to WatchRepair.net. Thank you Jeff and Marc.

Steven Jacobs
Bakersfield, CA
November, 2019

These guys stand behind their warranties! They overhauled my 30 YO watch then fixed it after some anomaly happened and only charged shipping and insurance. What a great piece of mind when you send your watch to someone you’ve never met. Nice work guys!

Timm Miller

Timm W Miller
Seattle, WA
November, 2019

Mark, you delivered everything you said you would. The watch feels and looks brand new.
Pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you.


Allan Storch
Boca Raton, FL
November, 2019

My first watch was a 25 year old Brightling with a UCT (universal time clock) second watch head in the bracelet that was refurbished and repaired to like new condition (both time pieces). My second watch was a Rolex President with 62 diamonds on the bezel and face. It was as well restored to like new condition and runs like new. My third watch was a Brightling rose gold and stainless steel with a diamond bezel and as expected was also restored to new condition. I would recommend this service to anyone that has a luxury watch with need of repair or restoration. Excellent service very professional and was as advertised…

Andrew Stanton
Las Vegas, NV
October, 2019

I just received my watch back after your repair and rebuild of my bracelet, it looks like a new Rolex with a new band. I am more than pleased with my watch and the cost of the work. Your shipping procedure is the best,and relieved my anxiety of shipping my Rolex halfway across the country.
Thank you,

Larry Burford
Berkeley Springs, WV
October, 2019

Jeff and everyone at Watch Repair.Net were excellent and did a great job on my watch. my watch looks brand new and runs Perfect.

Michael Cruz
Pompano Beach, FL
October, 2019

This is the second time I had Jeff work on my Rolex. The first time was several years ago and to be honest I was a little nervous about sending it to someone I did not know. The watch was returned in great shape. When I started to have problems with my watch losing time and actually stopping I contacted Jeff at watch repair. He and his crew did an excellent job of cleaning and restoring the watch and band.
Thanks Jeff
Sheila Heck

Sheila Heck
Centerville, OH
October, 2019

I just received my Rolex Explorer II after repair and refurbish- It looks like the day that I purchased it.I couldn’t be more pleased. The service from Marc and Jeff was excellent. I especially appreciated the extensive communications and updates during the process. I have another Rolex that will need servicing in the future and will absolutely use them again.

Stephen Ruskin
Kalaheo, HI
October, 2019

I received my Submariner today and it looked like a new watch. The last people that serviced it did not send it back looking near as good. I was hesitant to send it off in the mail but I am glad I chose these guys. Great customer service and reasonable turn around time. I will use them for any of my watch repair needs from now on.

Justin Palmer
Mobile, AL
October, 2019

I just received my newly serviced vintage Rolex Explorer. I must say, due to the many testimonials, my expectations about the outcome were pretty high. I was not disappointed. The watch came to me, in a very secure package, looking virtually brand new. I was considering selling or trading in this model for a new(er) Explorer. I’m glad I did not. This has always been one of my favorites and now that it has been repaired and made to look like new, I’m happy I kept this timepiece. Both Jeff and Marc could not have been better to work with through this process. They made me feel very comfortable about any perceived risk associated with sending off my cherished vintage Rolex through the mail. Also, the time frame promised was spot on. I recommend watchrepair.net and will likely use again.

Gary Potter
Fullerton, CA
October, 2019

My 30+ year old Omega Speedmaster 3511 has never been serviced, and I recently noticed moisture inside the crystal. I found WatchRepair.net online and spoke with them to learn that my watch needed fast service to prevent more serious damage. They sent me overnight label and quickly contacted me when they got the watch with an analysis of what was needed. Jeff and I spoke about what was needed, and his detailed description gave me confidence that my watch was in skilled hands. They completed the work quickly, shipped it back safely, and I can’t say how pleased I am to have found the WatchRepair.net team, the work they did and the high level of customer service they provided. 5 stars!

David McPherson
Chicago, IL
October, 2019

Marc Imberman and his team did an excellent job of tuning my Breitling Super Ocean. The shipment to and from Watch Repair was easy and stress free. The watch came back looking amazing. I have had this watch on my wrist for the last nine years and put ithrough some harsh environments in Iraq and Afghanistan, but now it looks like the day I bought it. Thanks Marc!

Stephen Escude
Auburn, WA
October, 2019
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