June, 2020I just received my Rolex GMT Master back for the second time I have had watchrepair.net overhaul it it. I almost think my watch looks better than when I first got it 40 years ago from Rolex. What a great job they did. Thank you!
Michael Collinsworth, Millinocket, ME
June, 2020I have a twenty year old Heuer diving watch that needed a complete overhaul. While I was a little nervous about using a vendor found online, I have to say that WatchRepair.net did a great job. Watch is looking and running like new!
Jeffrey Baumeister, Venice, FL
June, 2020It arrived today. Looks great, especially the bracelet. Bravo.
G. J. Koellsted, Auburn, AL
June, 2020I've owned my Rolex for almost 18 years and I never take it off -- I live in the Bahamas and swim while wearing it. When it stopped running accurately, I looked online for someone to fix it. That's when I came across WatchRepair.net and set up a repair. They sent me an unbelievable box to send it in to the watchmaker and returned it the same way. These guys are the best, so helpful with answering questions and setting my mind at ease.
Sherry Murphy, Cape Coral, FL
June, 2020It was not an easy task to find someone to service my 60 year old Heuer Swiss watch. Ideally, I thought, I would find a watchmaker in a nearby location and have my watch serviced, but had no success. I came across WatchRepair.com in my online search and after phone conversations and reviewing online testimonials, my watch was sent away. The great communication continued, and the service has met all my expectations. I would not hesitate to use their service again.
David Kohler, Youngstown, OH
June, 2020I searched for days to find a service that seemed to be trustworthy. When I saw the procedure used by Watchrepair.net I made an inquiry. After speaking to Jeff I sent my omega to them with confidence. Marc returned my watch in so short a time I was surprised and pleased. My omega looks better than I thought possible and best of all keeps chronometer accurate time. I highly recommend them for any repair of a high value time piece. Thank you again Marc and Jeff.
Arnold Cave, Mechanicsville, MD
June, 2020It was with apprehension that you pack up a loved Rolex and send it across the country. But, WatchRepair made the process painless with their attention to detail in shipping the watch in both directions. Upon return, the watch was perfect in function and looks. You would never know it was a 30 year old Rolex. The total cost of all repairs, parts and polish was less than quote our Rolex dealer gave As an estimate without parts. Highly recommend their service
Gary Strodtz, Puyallup, WA
June, 2020WatchRepair did an outstanding job repairing my Omega Speedmaster. They were quick and delivered the watch when they said they would. My watch is now in beautiful condition...just like new...ever though it was purchased in 1969. I highly recommend this company for repairing watches.
David Duvall, Burlington, NC
June, 2020WatchRepair.net recently completed an overhaul of my vintage (late 50's) Omega Seamaster including removing the radium luminous material. The customer service experience was exceptional from start to finish. I understand that removing the luminous material will decrease the value of the watch but I never intend to part with it. The Omega looks amazing! Thanks guys!
Mark Ryhlick, Phoenix, AZ
May, 2020I have a number of watches and I enjoy all of them for what they are. One in particular is my Tag Huer 2000 Chronograph. Years ago I had a marine dealership and my wife had a little store in the delaership and among other things she sold Tag Huer Watches. I bought this watch in 1985 from our store. Over the years I have worn it alot splitting time with others. I am attached to it and the sentimental value is high. This past year it began to lose time. New battery seemed to help for a while but it started again and again. A local seasoned jeweler was unable to to the work needed to make it work and Tag Huer does not support it any longer due to its age. I found Watch Reair.net on a search. Naturally I was skeptical but they did have good ratings. On top of that they did not feed me a lot of "come on" lingo to get me in. Because of their honesty in the initial conversations I decided to give them a try. I didnt know what else to do if I wanted to wear the piece for the next 20 yrs. They sent me a carrier case to assure that no damage would happen to the watch in transit along with a letter, very professional, telling me what they would do. In addition they sent me copies of dozens of testimonials like I am writing now form people all over. I had a comfort zone. A little empty feeling when the postmaster took it from me. They took careful time to determine what they felt would cure the problem. It was something no one else including the manufacturer was willing to do. I got my watch back today. It looks great and is running perfect, cleaned up nice and I am proud to still have this piece. Thank you Marc and Jeff. And to all out there, if your watch is special to you you can feel comfortable with the treatment it will get with WatchRepair.com Bob Walker Bluffton, SC
Bob Walker, Bluffton, SC
May, 2020Recently sent my Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust to WatchRepair for maintance. Got it back yesterday, looks like new, Jeff and Mark were easy to work with, did everything thing they promised, and completed the work within the time frame promised. I do not hesitate in recommending them as your watch repair specialist. Fred Ussery Ltc Col, Retired
Fred Ussery, Orange Beach, AL
May, 2020WOW!!! What professionalism and 100% customer service!!! It all started with the initial contact I made, and could not believe the response and care shown by Marc and Jeff! After having my Rolex Submariner for over 20 years, it just stopped working, was devastated but had never had it serviced. Jeff explain what could be the issue, and what would be done. Made me feel very comfortable. The packaging was promptly sent, as he had noted, watch sent, and immediate feedback contact on what would be required. Got my watch back it it looks as it did when I first bought it. Beautiful Work!!! And very fast turn around time! I have my older Rolex that I wore as "back-up" while this one being repaired, but will send it off soon for the same service. 100% satisfied customer, highly recommend these guys for any repairs to you investment time pieces! Thank You!!! Dudley Primeaux, dj.primeauxii@gmail.com +1-512-461-5023
Dudley Primeaux, Elgin, TX
May, 2020I stumbled on Watch Repair doing a search for someone to fix my Rolex, for which I could no longer set the time. They got in touch quickly, and we discussed the condition of the watch. Their offer to repair was reasonable. They sent me packing material and a return envelope, which was pre-paid UPS. After a few weeks, they sent a message to verify my address. The watch was returned via FedEx with a signature required. The watch looks brand new and works fine. I can set the time now! The only problem I had was opening the packaging it was shipped in. They wanted to be sure nothing happened to the watch in transit. Nothing did.
Jim McDonough, Oceanside, CA
May, 2020My 2003 Tag Heuer was completely rebuilt from the inside. The outside was then repolished and it looks brand new. The watch works perfectly. These people are completely honest and reliable. I highly recommend them for your favorite watch being repaired.
Donald Lee, Ashland, KY
May, 2020My Omega was returned this morning. It was still running and was set to the correct time. The watch was so well protected on its return. It took me several minutes to unpack. If you have a watch of this grade there is only one repair to consider and that’s Watchrepair.net
Fred Smith, Medford, OR
May, 2020After Mark, Jeff and the entire team did a great job on my wife's 40 year old Rolex Ladies Oyster Perpetual Date watch, I sent them my 40 year old Rolex gold/stainless Oyster Perpetual Date watch because it hadn't worked properly for the past couple of years. When it recently came back it looked like a brand new Rolex, and is working perfectly. Thanks you guys, the watches have a lot of personal meaning for both of us.
Dick Rhodes, Green Valley, AZ
May, 2020After my father passed away last year, I discovered a box with a couple of old watches. One of the watches was a 1951 Lord Elgin that was given to him by his mother when he graduated from the University of Texas in June of 1951. I remember he wore this watch until the early 60's, so when I found it, it brought back memories. Of course when I found this watch it didn't work, I couldn't even wind it and the stem was bent. I started looking online for a place to send the watch and I found WatchRepair.net. I read the reviews and they were positive so I sent in a request for an estimate. Jeff called me a few minutes later and ask for pictures, I sent him pictures and he called back and said he could overhaul the watch and gave me an estimate. After he received the watch he called back and gave me a definite price, which was the same as his estimate and I told him to go ahead with the repairs. I couldn't be happier with the results, the watch works perfectly and it looks great. The case is gold plate and there are some areas where the plate is worn off, not too noticeable and it still looks great. They polished the crystal and I added a nice alligator band. It took 3 months to get it back but I can understand it's not easy finding parts for a 69 year old watch, worth the wait.
Scott Barker, Seguin, TX
May, 2020Sent my Rolex in with a broken mainspring. Was returned several weeks later in like new condition, polished to perfection. Fantastic job in every respect!
David Ashwander, East Texas
May, 2020My 20 year old Seamaster 300 now looks like new and is as accurate as a new chronometer. I couldn't ask for more.
Larry Altman, Houston, TX
May, 2020The service is as advertised. Efficient secure transport of my watches and thorough repair including polishing. I have had two brightlings and a Rolex done to my total satisfaction. Highly recommend the service
Andrew Stanton, Las Vegas, NV

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