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Jeff- I was from Fort Lee N.J before I moved to P.A. It was alot easier getting my 43 year old Vintage Rolex Oyster Date serviced in New York city at the Rolex Service center . Now that I live in Pennsylvania I didn’t know who to send my vintage Rolex Date watch to for repair.

I candidly was a little nervous about sending a watch that I have owned for 43 years and is irreplaceable to a company I found on the internet but I appreciated the prompt return call and email. I was especially impressed how Jeff send me out a special box to ship my watch in.

They called me as soon as my watch got there and comfirmed the estimate.

I just now received back my Vinatge Rolex and it looks perfect. I am so glad that I went with my instincts and sent you my watch.It was my concern being in P.A, who was going to repair my watch. I took a chance sending it to

I would be happy to recomend you to my friends.

Thanks again

Vic Platania Drums
November, -0001

Just returned from finishing my Christmas shopping and found my Christmas gift on the table. While I was out Fedex delivered my “NEW” Ladies Omega Seamaster watch. It is absolutely beautiful – it looks brand new. Thanks for making my day.

Barbara Kleppinger

November, -0001

Jeff & Staff,

I received my watch today at 2PM. I am so very pleased with the service and repair to my 2003 Omega Seamaster. It really looks like a new watch. Your staff and repair personnel really did a great job. I appreciated the professional manner and the amount of personal customer service they provided.

Rob Garcia
Akron, OH
November, -0001

My mid size rolex date just had not been serviced for 17 years! despite the fact it was losing 2 minutes each day I was not anxious to give up my watch for several weeks (its my only time piece), and at the same time spend $700 to $800. Well, finally the watch stopped so I had no choice. After visiting several jewelers in Boston, I learned they had to send it off to Rolex just to get an estimate (2 weeks time delay) and that most likely the service would run more than $700.

Then I found Jeff on the internet. A quote of $399 if there was nothing untoward, and a turn-around of 3 weeks or so. Jeff has to change the crown screw down mechanism so we ended up at $540. The service was seamless and expeditious. The watch currently loses 2 seconds/day.

Jeff is now my watch repair boutique of choice, but hopefully I can wait another 17 years, at least for this watch!

Chris, December 2009

Chris Bale
Marion, Massachusetts
December, 2009

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the call. You really take customer service to a new level.

As you know, I have received my TAG and I could not be happier. It’s perfect! You and your staff have been completely outstanding, and I really appreciate it.

I’m not sure of the best way to give you a testimonial so I’ll just add the following to this note of thanks to your and your staff:

“I was hesitant to send my 9 year old TAG away for repair. Anyone who has a watch they value knows that they become like an “old friend”, and you really must know and trust the one repairing it. I can say from experience that you can trust Jeff completely. I could write and article about the totally positive experience I’ve had with Jeff and his staff. From the initial contact, to the follow up after I received it back, Jeff and his staff were outstanding in their customer service. And my TAG is perfect! It’s better than new. I say it’s better than new because it works and looks like new again, but its also my “old friend”. Jeff and his organization are a rare find. They are the epitome of skill and professionalism combined with the highest level of customer service. If you have a valued “old friend”, you can trust it to Jeff, the very best.”

Thank you again,

Sam Crawford
Phoenix, AZ
December, 2009


My timepiece has arrived Christmas Eve as promised. With all the activity happening I haven’t had time to take it all in. I will agree with your observation: The watch is in amazing condition and the addition of the stainless bracelet has resulted in a classic sporty watch transforming in to an elegant and sophisticated piece.

Many, many thanks to you and your staff. A job well done.

I will find a minute over the holidays to make more detailed observations and write a follow up.

Gary D. Scott

Gary Scott
Clinton, IL
December, 2009

Thanks, Jeff, for the great service. I couldn’t be more pleased that I chose you to do the service on my Omega SMP. The watch has come back looking and running like new.

How can you not like it when the owner of the company calls? And not one call but four, including a thank you after the watch had been delivered.

I highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing their watch serviced.

Win Heger
Utah's Dixie
December, 2009

Dear Jeff:

I am writing to thank you for taking such good care of my watch. I received my watch, as promised, in perfect condition. The fact that the watch was returned to me on time and in the promised “like new” condition tells only a very small part of the story.

For anyone who may want to know what sort of person is on the other end of what is certainly a potentially scary internet business transaction let me tell you how Jeff Herman and the good people at WatchRepair.net handled my case.

I will leave out some of the details but I must begin by letting you know that I was pretty angry and disgusted with my experience with purchasing my Omega watch from an on-line retailer. I am a pilot for a major commercial airline and the watch was a 50th birthday and “Congratulations, you’re a Captain!” present. It was a big deal for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that I had wanted an Omega since I discovered that my astronaut heroes wore Omegas.

The watch never worked properly from virtually the moment I put it on my wrist. I had to send it back to the seller on three occasions. Each time I returned the watch the merchant kept it for a minimum of at least four months and, when it was returned, it was only a few weeks before I had another problem. I became so disgusted that I put it away for a few months and then re-started the process. I wrote letters and made phone calls without satisfaction.

Finally, after owning the watch for nearly three years, and only wearing it for a few months, I found Jeff Herman and WatchRepair.net. Despite my skepticism and bad experience I knew almost instantly that I was in good hands.

Jeff received my watch and called me back personally within just a day or two of receiving it. He discussed a plan with me and then went to work. After a while he called me back with a description of the work that would be needed. When we realized how disgusted I was with my original watch he made an offer that was truly remarkable. He sent two watches to me that he owned, an Omega Sea Master and a Tag Heuer, with instructions that I try them on and pick one that I liked.

I was stunned. This man completely disarmed me with the trust that he placed in me. I no longer worried about the expensive watch I had sent to him when I realized that he had “doubled down” on the whole transaction.

I picked the Sea Master and traded my watch for his. I returned both watches to Jeff. He then completely overhauled and polished the Sea Master, a slightly used watch, and shipped it back to me with a “Happy Holiday” greeting card with a personal note.

Jeff, thank you so much!

I can think of no better way to show my appreciation than to entrust to you my father’s 1958 Rolex for an overhaul. I saw that watch on my father’s wrist every day of my life until he passed away in 2002. I can think of no one I would trust more than you with such an important heirloom for safe keeping and restoration.

Thank you my friend,

Steve Bailey
Captain, B-737

Steve Bailey
College Station, Texas
December, 2009


Let me say I am impressed with the service and timeliness of your business.

I am a little hesitant to usually do business over the internet.

I entrusted my Omega Speedmaster to you for complete maintenance and as you stated during your very considerate calls to ensure that the best was being done for my watch from the delivery to you and the return.

Verry few businesses take that "extra effort"
to actually communicate to the customer and have a genuine investment in what they proivide.

I will gladly reccomend your expert,professional services to all who may need the care that you provided my timepiece.

And, as you stated "Just in time for Christmas"!

Thanks again and a prospeous New Year,

Warmest Regards

Dr. Robert Gibson

Robert Gibson PhD,CAS
Beautiful Coastal North Carolina
December, 2009

Dear Jeff,
Merry Christmas and thank you for a speedy and well done turn around of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just. As it is a family keepsake due to my father receiving it from the Royal Saudi Navy in the mid 70’s your care and attention to detail in renewing it to "New" condition is much appreciated. If ever there is an organization to trust fine timepieces to it is you.

Patrick N. Cowan
Wausau, WI
December, 2009

Thanks again for the repair and overhaul of my father’s Rolex. It looks new and keeps great time. Something that watch has not done for years. I am a repeat customer and will be back the next time I need one of my watches repaired. Greg

Greg Miller
December, 2009

your work and service are outstanding. I’m thrilled to finally find someone who can not only do beautiful work, but deliver quality customer service on a timely basis. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to everyone!!

Dennis London
London Realty Corp.
Pembroke Pines, FL

November, -0001

My Breitling Chronomat Evo look likes NEW !!! it’s amazing, you guy’s did such a Wonderful job !

being french, i will also comments in french for your futur Francophone customers !

les reparations ont ete faite d’une manieres spectaculaire, ma Chronomat EVO est toute neuve, bracelet polis, mouvement demonter et remonter, tous ca pour un prix inferieur a celui d’un service chez breitling, en plus de ca, vous avez su reparer la tige de la couronne, sans la ramplacer, !!!! YOU GUY’s ROCK
Antoine Jaillet,
Avon, CO
Hyatt Hotels

Antoine Jaillet
Hyatt Hotels
Avon, CO

November, -0001

Jeff, your work and service are outstanding. I’m thrilled to finally find someone who can not only do beautiful work, but deliver quality customer service on a timely basis. Katy and I agree you have absolutely no competition. Keep being the best.
You deserve it!

Neil & Kay Harris
Burnsville, NC
November, -0001

Jeff, please feel free to use my name as a reference for any potential customer who is having doubts about sending their time piece to you for service. I will certainly recommend your site to my friends.

Best Regards,

Sean Spillane
Thomas Associates
November, -0001

Just a short note, thanking you for your excellent service and promt shipping, the watch is working well and I can trout fish with out worry.

Thank you

Bob Tidler

November, -0001

Jeff, You must have sent me a new Rolex GMT II in exchange for my "old beater". Seriously, I was hoping you could make the watch work…now it looks brand new! Thank you for all of your efforts, its what I call a job well done.

Jim H.
Palm Beach, FL
November, -0001

My Rolex Submariner was running slow and was starting to show it’s age. I found WatchRepair.net online and once I spoke with George, I felt comfortable enough to ship them my watch. Jeff Herman called me as soon as he recieved my watch and assured me that my Rolex would be like-new again. In less than a week, they shipped me back my watch and it looks brand new! I will definitely use Jeff and George again.

Nathan Marcus
Seatle, WA
November, -0001

Jeff, my Vintage Rolex watch is beautiful, like new. It is a treasure returned to life. The watch, now over 50 years old, was given to me by my parents, who are both gone. I thought it would be impossible to restore the watch like you did. I am very grateful for what you have done. All my best to everyone there.

Arthur S.
New York, NY
November, -0001


I received my Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch via express mail yesterday as you promised.

I feel like I sent you 15 year old watch and you returned a brand new one. There is not a scratch anywhere and it shines like brand new. The crown is nice and tight just like when it was new and it has kept perfect time to the second for the past 24 hours.

I was initially skeptical in sending my watch off for overhaul to someone I only knew thru the internet. Now I am extremely happy that I overcame my fears and let you deliver what you promised by phone and in writing. If you ever need a witness to your quality and trustworthiness, count me in.

You should also know that before I sent my watch to you, I had a local expert repairman give me an estimate on repairing the watch. His estimate for repairs alone was $700.00. You beat that price by $76.00 and included a complete overhaul to make it look brand new again.

Again, thanks for delivering what you promised.

Bryan Karnes
Leesburg, FL
November, -0001
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