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Watch Repair Reviews

Jeff, the watch turned out great. You exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful.

Dr. Alexander Villarreal
Collingswood Animal Hospital
Port Charlotte, FL

November, -0001

The Ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch looks fabulous! A 40 year old Rolex watch now looks like it did the day it was made!

David Halpern
Germantown, TN
November, -0001

Hey Jeff,
Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you.

I wanted to wait until I was sure the watch was keeping proper time before I sent in my testimonial. I don’t like to have name on the web, nor do I want to give the impression that the Secret Service is endorsing your business. That said, I really do appreciate the quality work you performed. Every blue moon, if you have a concerned customer on a high value job, email me and I’ll do what I can to allay their fears.

I also intend to write a full review at Epinions.com.


November, -0001

your work and service are outstanding. I’m thrilled to finally find someone who can not only do beautiful work, but deliver quality customer service on a timely basis. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to everyone!!

Dennis London
London Realty Corp.
Pembroke Pines, FL

November, -0001

My Breitling Chronomat Evo look likes NEW !!! it’s amazing, you guy’s did such a Wonderful job !

being french, i will also comments in french for your futur Francophone customers !

les reparations ont ete faite d’une manieres spectaculaire, ma Chronomat EVO est toute neuve, bracelet polis, mouvement demonter et remonter, tous ca pour un prix inferieur a celui d’un service chez breitling, en plus de ca, vous avez su reparer la tige de la couronne, sans la ramplacer, !!!! YOU GUY’s ROCK
Antoine Jaillet,
Avon, CO
Hyatt Hotels

Antoine Jaillet
Hyatt Hotels
Avon, CO

November, -0001

Jeff, your work and service are outstanding. I’m thrilled to finally find someone who can not only do beautiful work, but deliver quality customer service on a timely basis. Katy and I agree you have absolutely no competition. Keep being the best.
You deserve it!

Neil & Kay Harris
Burnsville, NC
November, -0001

Jeff, please feel free to use my name as a reference for any potential customer who is having doubts about sending their time piece to you for service. I will certainly recommend your site to my friends.

Best Regards,

Sean Spillane
Thomas Associates
November, -0001

Just a short note, thanking you for your excellent service and promt shipping, the watch is working well and I can trout fish with out worry.

Thank you

Bob Tidler

November, -0001

Jeff, You must have sent me a new Rolex GMT II in exchange for my "old beater". Seriously, I was hoping you could make the watch work…now it looks brand new! Thank you for all of your efforts, its what I call a job well done.

Jim H.
Palm Beach, FL
November, -0001

My Rolex Submariner was running slow and was starting to show it’s age. I found WatchRepair.net online and once I spoke with George, I felt comfortable enough to ship them my watch. Jeff Herman called me as soon as he recieved my watch and assured me that my Rolex would be like-new again. In less than a week, they shipped me back my watch and it looks brand new! I will definitely use Jeff and George again.

Nathan Marcus
Seatle, WA
November, -0001

Jeff, my Vintage Rolex watch is beautiful, like new. It is a treasure returned to life. The watch, now over 50 years old, was given to me by my parents, who are both gone. I thought it would be impossible to restore the watch like you did. I am very grateful for what you have done. All my best to everyone there.

Arthur S.
New York, NY
November, -0001


I received my Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch via express mail yesterday as you promised.

I feel like I sent you 15 year old watch and you returned a brand new one. There is not a scratch anywhere and it shines like brand new. The crown is nice and tight just like when it was new and it has kept perfect time to the second for the past 24 hours.

I was initially skeptical in sending my watch off for overhaul to someone I only knew thru the internet. Now I am extremely happy that I overcame my fears and let you deliver what you promised by phone and in writing. If you ever need a witness to your quality and trustworthiness, count me in.

You should also know that before I sent my watch to you, I had a local expert repairman give me an estimate on repairing the watch. His estimate for repairs alone was $700.00. You beat that price by $76.00 and included a complete overhaul to make it look brand new again.

Again, thanks for delivering what you promised.

Bryan Karnes
Leesburg, FL
November, -0001

The Watchrepair team did what 6 certified watch specialist said couldn’t be done !!

After 18 months of NO’s, Jeff told me he could do what I thought had become the impossible. His team repaired and restored my wife’s antique Baume et Mercier watch to showcase condition.
I had given this watch to my wife over 25 years ago and it meant a great deal to her. We can’t thank you and your team enough for your perseverance and persistence in getting this job done!

Thank you

William Conway
San Diego, CA
November, -0001

Just a quick (belated) thanks for the great job you did with my Rolex. It truly looked brand new when I got it back in the mail. I was reluctant to simply mail my watch off to someone whose ad I saw on the web – yet you did exactly what you said you would and then some – the watch works better than it ever did. Excellent work.

Rich Landes
New York, NY
November, -0001

Hi Jeff, WOW..My Submariner looks like a brand new watch!! I AM AMAZED. Thank you for excellent service. I will be sure to recommend you to evryone I know. I CANT BELIEVE HOW GOOD MY WATCH LOOKS!!!!

Dennis Brock

November, -0001

My Breitling Superocean has never run as well as when you finished its overhaul. The entire transaction went smoothly and you could not have been more helpful. Thank you for a professional job.

Dick Wiley
Seabring, FL
November, -0001

First of all, thank you very much for doing a wonderful job on my 22 year old Rolex Datejust watch…It’s like brand new or should i say its a brand new watch. I really appreciate it very much. Now I fully guarantee and trust your company. Its been nice knowing your company. Mr. Jeff thanks again.(SALAMAT PO SA LAHAT). My 14 year old son will be wearing them when he will be in college…that I guarantee.

Em Balasabas
Delano, CA
November, -0001

Words fail to express my total satisfaction with your company. My daughter was selling her 10-year-old Rolex watch, which she had hardly worn in the last 6 years. I decided to buy it for my wife, however I wanted to make sure the Rolex was in perfect shape. I took the Rolex to the two authorized Rolex dealers in Western New York, and asked what the price would be to refurbish the watch. One dealer wanted $500 plus parts and the other wanted $800 plus parts. I asked where the refurbishing would be performed, assuming the answer would be at the Rolex factory In Switzerland, both dealers informed me that they had employees who were trained as Factory Authorized Repair people. At this point, I went on the interned and did a search for Rolex Watch Repair and found your company. The watch looks like new and the cost was significantly less than the Rolex Dealers wanted. You handled all shipping issues.During our Rolex discussions, I asked you about repairing a vintage Omega Electronic f300hzChronometer that my wife had purchased for me 30 years ago as a Christmas present. I had sent this watch to an Omega Service Center in New York 4 years ago. They informed me that they could not repair it and they would send it to Switzerland for a repair estimate. The estimate to repair was $1200. I declined and the watch was returned to me. You were not very optimistic about repairing this old movement and mentioned that I might want To consider a quartz movement installed in the case. You have no idea how happy I was when You informed m that you had located a new, identical replacement movement for my Omega.You brought this watch back to life and made it look almost new for 30% of what the Omega Repair organization wanted.Jeff, thanks again for an outstanding job on these two watches. Please feel free to use me as A reference in whatever way you chose.With much appreciation,

Alexander Lodwig
Buffalo, NY
November, -0001

Recently, the VP of our company had asked me to help him find out where he could get his TAG Heuer watch repaired. I found your company on the web and we discussed the repairs needed for his watch. You had issued a federal express call tag the next day and the watch was sent to you in mid-July. A few weeks later, the watch was repaired and shipped back and the VP was extremely pleased! Both he and I were delighted with the timeliness and service of the repair.Thank you so much!

Toni Laronga
Franklin, MA
November, -0001

Water got in my Tag Heuer through the crown. I discovered my crown would not securely screw down and needed repair. In addition there was some damage to the dial. I brought it to several local jewelers and they said they would have to send it out to Tag for an estimate and it would take approximately 8 weeks to get it back. I found WatchRepair.net on the web and spoke with Jeff, he was very knowledgeable. Jeff provided me with a price and assured me he would repair the watch in a timely manner. Jeff contacted me when he received the watch and again before he shipped it back. I just received my watch back from Jeff and I couldn’t be happier. My watch has a new dial and crown. My watch looks and functions like a brand new watch.Thanks again,

Kevin Flynn
Somers, CT
November, -0001
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