September, 2018Just a quick (belated) thanks for the great job you did with my Rolex. It truly looked brand new when I got it back in the mail. I was reluctant to simply mail my watch off to someone whose ad I saw on the web - yet you did exactly what you said you would and then some - the watch works better than it ever did. Excellent work.
Rich Landes, New York, NY
September, 2018I was anxious about sending my 20 year old Rolex out for repair. Jeff, at Watch Repair.net maintained a dialog with me the entire time he had my watch. Because parts had to be ordered for my old watch, it took a little longer than usual. I got my watch back this week and it looks and runs like brand new. I'd recommend Jeff"s company to anyone needing quality watch service at a fair price.
Tom Kinney, Charleston, S.C.
September, 2018My Breitling Headwind is running better than when new. I have kept it on my winder for several days or worn it and I must commend you and your staff. It works well. Thanks for the job, well done.
Tom Yovan, Amelia Island, Florida
September, 2018Jeff:Wanted you to know that I just received the watch on my desk 5 minutes ago. Fantastic job. I looks like it did the day I purchased it. Thanks ever so much and will be in touch if and when other Rolex needs arise.
Michael Lock, Collegeville, PA
September, 2018I received my Omega Seamaster today and it looks excellent. Please add the following to your testimonials:Short story: excellent service and excellent workmanship. Long story: I had a water damaged 1990 Omega Seamaster which had set on a counter for years. Recently I researched restoration options on the internet and found three sites which looked reputable. I sent information to all three. One never answered, one suggested I send the watch to Europe through the Omega in NJ and the other was Jeff at watchrepair.net who called the day I sent the information. He listened to the situation and seemed eager to help. He arranged for the watch to be sent to confirm the repair and estimated costs. Approximately two weeks later the watch was returned in fantastic condition. (I had tried to get the watch restored locally in Lancaster, PA a few years ago, and although it was returned in working order, none of the cosmetic issues had been addressed.) The way the watch returned today is the condition I expected the first time I attempted to have it fixed. Even my wife, who had sarcastically said "you'll never see that watch again" when I shipped it off to Florida, was impressed!I will recommend watchrepair.net to my friends and colleagues.
Steve Liliie, York, PA
September, 2018I want to thank you for the awesome job on my wife's rolex. It is keeping great time and looks like new. She loves the new dial. As I told you before, it's not everyday that I decide to send a 5K watch through the mail. I did some research and personally phoned several of the other rolex repair guys; but after speaking to you I knew that I had found the right place. You took the time to diagnose our problem and were very helpful in upgrading the look of the watch. The communication by phone and email were great. I will absolutely recommend your service to my friends. Best of luck with your business.
Jeff Loftin, Asheville, NC
September, 2018Watchrepair.net did a complete overhaul of my 1999 Breitling Colt Ocean Automatic, including repairing the broken self-winding mechanism and replacement of the crystal.I received the watch today and it looks amazing.Thanks so much! You definitely did good on your word...This watch has been on my wrist daily for the past 9 years, and thanks to Watchrepair.com I will keep this old friend for a lot longer now.
Antoine Renault, North Salem, NY
September, 2018I really want to thank the folks at watchrepair.net. Their service was fantastic and their prices were the best. My watch is a Rolex President that I got from my Grandpa, so you can imagine I wanted everything to be perfect. Jeff and his folks took great care of the watch and got it back to me in perfect shape! My 20+ year old watch looked brand new!Thanks again...I won't hesitate to use watchrepair.net again in the future!
Richard Boltz, Vandenberg AFB CA
September, 2018Hi Jeff, sorry for not getting back to sooner but I was out of town. I received the last three watches I sent you for servicing and I must say they all look superb. My fifteen year old gold Breitling Chronomat looks amazing, my son's Seamaster looks brand new and so does the Kreiger. I just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate the wonderful job you've done on all my watches and compliment you on the excellent customer care and communication you've shown. I'll be sending you more watches in my collection in the near future. Thanks, keep up the excellent workSincerely,
GJ Arriola, Vandenberg Destin, Florida
September, 2018I wanted to thank you for taking care of our watches. The new movement in my wife's Movado has it working perfectly. Her watch looks brand new! As for my 18-year old Rolex, the overhaul work has my watch running perfectly as well! It too looks brand new.In summary, the professionalism and customer-centric attention you gave deserves my future business. It will also be my pleasure to recommend Watchrepair.net to my close friends and colleagues. Respectfully,
Riley Repko, Clifton, VA
September, 2018The work you did on both the IWC Fleiger Chronograph and the Breguet Heritage was wonderful. As a collector of high end watches, it is great to find someone who has the ability to properly service them in a timely fashion. In the past, I have always sent them back to the manufacturers and it is usually two to four months before I get them back. Be assured that I will be sending you my other watches as they need service. Also, thanks for all of the personal phone calls to update me throughout the repair process.Sincerely,
Phil Bashford, Hampton, VA
September, 2018Thanks Jeff, for a job well done. Having my Omega Seamaster Wacth for thirty five years working thirty three years perfectly, it started to work slow then fast it was taken and sent to three major watch repair companys it comtinued to worked as it taken or sent to them. this is so amusing, after takeing it back to the company before it was sent to Jeff, The shop manager told me, "the watch maybe working according to my pulse or body tempressure." I walked out thinking that watch repairers are so dum that it don't make sense repairing a watch. Then I came across an add by Jeff@watchrepair,net I made the call Jeff answered in a kind courteous mann that impressed me, the watch was sent to him it was repaired and sent back the date it was promised working beautifully then it went two three minutes fast. I called Jeff and with kind, respectful politeness he, "asked how quickly can returned the watch?" within a week I said and to my surprise it was retimed and returned in a week working great. If you have a watch and it need to be repair try Jeff@watchrepair.net and you will be pleased with his service.Thanks again Jeff.
Dr. R. Balfour,
September, 2018Jeff, Just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the reconditioning and repair of my Tag Link watch. It truly looks like a brand new watch. Worth every penny!
Howard Search, Gloucester Point,VA
September, 2018Jeff, Your personal customer service is outstanding. Your certified watch repair technician did an excellent job repairing and cleaning my Omega Seamaster GMT. My Seamaster is keeping time better than ever. Even brand new my watch has never kept better time. I highly recommend WatchRepair.net to any fine watch owner.Regards,
Perry Lehman, Phoenix, AZ
September, 2018Jeff, Thank you for truly professional service. I had expected the Tag to be expertly repaired, based upon your reputation, but I was so surprised to see that the watch appeared brand new. After years of wearing the watch while working on engines, woodworking, and other hand-labor intensive tasks, the Tag was showing battle scars. But when I opened the WatchRepair.net box, I was simply amazed at your restoration work. I would recommend you to anyone with a timepiece they care about.
Mike Zetts, Raleigh, NC
September, 2018After a frustrating round of non-customer service from Omega, I searched the internet and came upon Watchrepair.net. My Omega Seamaster was running fast and needed a overhaul. Jeff Herman assured me that the watch would look "good as new." I've worn this watch everyday for six years, so I was a bit doubtful. Due to the attractive price, I also opted to replace the crystal. When Jeff returned the watch, I learned that he wasn't just a big talking salesman; the watch actually looked brand new! I checked the microprinted serial number to be sure it hadn't been switched. Upon closer inspection, I also found that a couple of deep gouges (I'm hard on watches) on the back of the band were still discernable (barely).As excited as I was about the watch's appearance, I waited more than a week to ensure the watch kept proper time before writing a testimonial. When the watch first arrived I synced it to the official U.S. Time clock. When I sent the watch in, it was gaining a couple of minutes a day. Over the last 12 days, my overhauled watch has gained four seconds total. Outstanding.Bravo Jeff!
R Miller, San Francisco, CA
September, 2018Dear Jeff,I received my repaired watch from you today and while you certainly did repair my Breitling, I think restoration is more apropos. It is absolutely beautiful. This Navitimer looks as good now as it did 40 plus years ago when I first purchased it. Suffice to say, it runs perfectly and the band is beautiful.When I first contacted your company I was a bit nervous about sending my vintage watch to a complete stranger 1,500 miles from where I live. Your phone call and the contact references you gave me quickly put my fears to rest. It was this very professional and sincere action on your part that left me with a comfortable feeling of security and with more of a personal, rather than a strict business, relationship.With this thought in mind, if you should ever need a reference from a truly satisfied customer, please feel free to give out my email address and phone number. I could not be happier.My best to you and your very excellent staff,
Manny Kornbluth,
September, 2018Jeff,Just received my Rolex Sea-Dweller back and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did. Watch looks brand new (bought it 1990) and runs great. My thanks to your staff and epically to William Yates who did the work.
Don Groundwater, Palm Coast, Florida
September, 2018Thanks for your efforts and understanding through the process. I entrusted my 48 year old Rolex Oyster Date watch to Mr. Jeff Herman of Watch Repair.Net for both needed repair and restoration. From the outset I was met with professional courtesy and competent advice as to what I could expect from this firm. The workmanship, meticulous attention paid to the project and regular reporting as to the progress was quite reassuring. Upon the return of the watch, I was was impressed by the fact that it looked as it did when I purchased it 48 years ago! Thanks for a job well done!
John Grech, Key Largo, FL
September, 2018Jeff: I received the Seamaster GMT in excellent condition. It looks terrific and the bezel is working fine. It seems that its been a long time coming but I appreciate you correcting the issues and standing behind your work. I have enjoyed speaking to you over the course of the repairs and you have been nothing but pleasant and professional. I look forward to speaking in the future about other services. Please share my comments with your other customers.
Jim Sanphy, Princeton Junction, NJ

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