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Words fail to express my total satisfaction with your company. My daughter was selling her 10-year-old Rolex watch, which she had hardly worn in the last 6 years. I decided to buy it for my wife, however I wanted to make sure the Rolex was in perfect shape. I took the Rolex to the two authorized Rolex dealers in Western New York, and asked what the price would be to refurbish the watch. One dealer wanted $500 plus parts and the other wanted $800 plus parts. I asked where the refurbishing would be performed, assuming the answer would be at the Rolex factory In Switzerland, both dealers informed me that they had employees who were trained as Factory Authorized Repair people. At this point, I went on the interned and did a search for Rolex Watch Repair and found your company. The watch looks like new and the cost was significantly less than the Rolex Dealers wanted. You handled all shipping issues.During our Rolex discussions, I asked you about repairing a vintage Omega Electronic f300hzChronometer that my wife had purchased for me 30 years ago as a Christmas present. I had sent this watch to an Omega Service Center in New York 4 years ago. They informed me that they could not repair it and they would send it to Switzerland for a repair estimate. The estimate to repair was $1200. I declined and the watch was returned to me. You were not very optimistic about repairing this old movement and mentioned that I might want To consider a quartz movement installed in the case. You have no idea how happy I was when You informed m that you had located a new, identical replacement movement for my Omega.You brought this watch back to life and made it look almost new for 30% of what the Omega Repair organization wanted.Jeff, thanks again for an outstanding job on these two watches. Please feel free to use me as A reference in whatever way you chose.With much appreciation,

Alexander Lodwig
Buffalo, NY
November, -0001

Recently, the VP of our company had asked me to help him find out where he could get his TAG Heuer watch repaired. I found your company on the web and we discussed the repairs needed for his watch. You had issued a federal express call tag the next day and the watch was sent to you in mid-July. A few weeks later, the watch was repaired and shipped back and the VP was extremely pleased! Both he and I were delighted with the timeliness and service of the repair.Thank you so much!

Toni Laronga
Franklin, MA
November, -0001

Water got in my Tag Heuer through the crown. I discovered my crown would not securely screw down and needed repair. In addition there was some damage to the dial. I brought it to several local jewelers and they said they would have to send it out to Tag for an estimate and it would take approximately 8 weeks to get it back. I found WatchRepair.net on the web and spoke with Jeff, he was very knowledgeable. Jeff provided me with a price and assured me he would repair the watch in a timely manner. Jeff contacted me when he received the watch and again before he shipped it back. I just received my watch back from Jeff and I couldn’t be happier. My watch has a new dial and crown. My watch looks and functions like a brand new watch.Thanks again,

Kevin Flynn
Somers, CT
November, -0001

Thanks for taking such good care of my Panerai PAM 217. I thought the watch was destroyed after my son took it Scuba Diving wuth the crown open. Looks better than when I first bought it from another collector. Next time I promise to send you an easier job.

Dave Morris
Los Angeles, CA
November, -0001

Jeff, You must have sent me a new Rolex GMT II in exchange for my "old beater".  Seriously, I was hoping you could make the watch work…now it looks brand new! Thank you for all of your efforts, its what I call a job well done.

Jim Herman
Palm Beach, FL
November, -0001

I randomly found WatchRepair net on the web. I spoke to Jeff whom was pleasant reassuring and impeccable with his word. Water had enter the mechanism of my TAG Heuer and it stopped working. They saved my watch which had great sentimental value to me.

Iris First
Armonk, NY
November, -0001

I will use WatchRepair . net for the rest of my natural life span. The job your Master watch-maker has done is Super my next tune-up will have you put the Mercedes hour and minute arms on. I had in my possession and totally forgot.

Enrique Tillman
November, -0001

Jeff, what you accomplished with my nearly 50 year old Longines watch is nothing less then a miracle. You took what i thought was a worthless broken down hand me down taking up space in my safe and transformed it into a work of art. I had no idea it was such a diamond in the rough that just needed someone like you to bring out it beauty . THANKS SO MUCH.

John Manning
Spring Hill, FL
November, -0001

I received my watch and it does look brand new baby better than when I bought it thank you so much for fixing it I will tell anyone who needs there watch repaired to send them to you

Jennie Shaver

November, -0001

I would like to congradulate Jeff and the WatchRepair.net. Net team for their incredible retoration and final product of my vintage Omega Speedmaster.

My watch repair was more of a "project" than a tune up or repair. Due to its age and condition it required sending various pieces to other states and tracking down original parts etc.

Throughout the repair peroid Jeff gave us updates and finally — to our shock and awe the watch, which looked brand new! This watch is from 1965 and that is quite a statement in itself.

Ask Jeff to show you a before and after shot and see for yourself. You are dealing with professionals who get joy out of making you a happy costomer.

I look forward and will be sending all my watches to WatchRepair.net

Jeremy Phillips
Clearwater, FL
November, -0001

I have never written a testimonial before, but I felt that have received such excellent service from WatchRepair.net, and from Jeff personally that I needed to let people know what a wonderful company this is.

My 18 year old son inherited my fathers Rolex watch that my mother had purchased for him back in the 1980s, and it was in desperate need of repair. We had taken it to an authorized Rolex dealer for an estimate, and were resigned to the fact we couldn’t afford to ever have this watch in working order. my son was devastated by this, as he has always been extremely close to my father, and this watch had been worn every day since my father received it. My father has had brain surgery, and has never recovered from it, so this watch meant so very much to my son. I decided to go online to research companies who could repair it for a more affordable price, and was lucky enough to come across WatchRepair.net. I sent an email, and Jeff very promptly called me back. After speaking to Jeff numerous times, and reading the testimonials on the web site, we agreed on a price, and I shipped this watch to him. I was very leary about shipping a watch that had so much sentimental value to my son, but was reassured by my numerous conversations with Jeff.

My mother and son were a little more skeptical, and 10 days after I shipped it, they wanted more information. I sent an email, letting Jeff know that they were concerned, and to my surprise Jeff called me 3 days later to let me know that the watch was finished and had just been shipped back to me. He had explained the situation to his watch repair man, and he rushed it for me. I was completely surprised when I opened the box to see the watch looked the same as it looked when new. My son and Mother are extremely pleased and He is now wearing the watch every day. I cannot say enough good things about this company and Jeff. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs to have a watch repaired. My son is so pleased to be able to wear his Grandfathers watch, and to have a piece of him with him everyday. Thank you all so much for being there when we needed someone to help.

Melinda Shields
November, -0001

Dear Jeff,

I received my watch back today after it’s overhaul and have to say I am delighted with it, it looks brand new just as you promised it would. The case has been polished with all blemishes removed and it is working perfectly.

You asked if I would give you a testimonial if I was happy with the watch and I do so unreservedly. Right from the moment I first contacted you about an overhaul for my Tag Heuer chronometer, the service has been professional, responsive and friendly. Furthermore, your pricing was very competitive compared to other service centers which often charged extra for polishing the case and strap.


Terry Poore
Meadow Vista, California
November, -0001

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank for the repair and the quick turnaround time you did on my Rolex .The watch looks and runs great. I was really skeptical about sending my watch to a co. I found on the net ( my wife thought I might not get it back) but I am glad I did, it s been such as easy experience and the communication been great.

The two places that did the work for me in the past, one retired and the other ( Rolex ) closed their facility and consolidated everything to Dallas. And I just want to add that it took longer just to get an estimate from Tourneau jewelers here in Century City than it was to get it back from you repaired and looking great.

I would highly recommend you.

Fred Oseguera
Los Angeles, CA
November, -0001

After a frustrating round of non-customer service from Omega, I searched the internet and came upon WatchRepair.net. My Omega Seamaster was running fast and needed a overhaul. Jeff Herman assured me that the watch would look "good as new." I’ve worn this watch everyday for six years, so I was a bit doubtful. Due to the attractive price, I also opted to replace the crystal.

When Jeff returned the watch, I learned that he wasn’t just a big talking salesman; the watch actually looked brand new! I checked the microprinted serial number to be sure it hadn’t been switched. Upon closer inspection, I also found that a couple of deep gouges (I’m hard on watches) on the back of the band were still discernable (barely).

As excited as I was about the watch’s appearance, I waited more than a week to ensure the watch kept proper time before writing a testimonial. When the watch first arrived I synced it to the official U.S. Time clock. When I sent the watch in, it was gaining a couple of minutes a day. Over the last 12 days, my overhauled watch has gained four seconds total. Outstanding.

Bravo Jeff!

Secret Service Agent
San Francisco, CA
November, -0001

Thanks for your efforts and understanding through the process. I entrusted my 48 year old Rolex Oyster Date watch to Mr. Jeff Herman of Watch Repair.Net for both needed repair and restoration. From the outset I was met with professional courtesy and competent advice as to what I could expect from this firm. The workmanship, meticulous attention paid to the project and regular reporting as to the progress was quite reassuring. Upon the return of the watch, I was was impressed by the fact that it looked as it did when I purchased it 48 years ago! Thanks for a job well done!

John Grech
Key Largo, FL
November, -0001

Jeff,Just received my Rolex Sea-Dweller back and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did. Watch looks brand new (bought it 1990) and runs great. My thanks to your staff and epically to William Yates who did the work.

Don Groundwater
Palm Coast, Florida
November, -0001

Jeff, Your personal customer service is outstanding. Your certified watch repair technician did an excellent job repairing and cleaning my Omega Seamaster GMT. My Seamaster is keeping time better than ever. Even brand new my watch has never kept better time. I highly recommend WatchRepair.net to any fine watch owner.Regards,

Perry Lehman
Phoenix, AZ
November, -0001

Jeff, Just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the reconditioning and repair of my Tag Link watch. It truly looks like a brand new watch. Worth every penny!

Howard Search
Gloucester Point,VA
November, -0001

Thanks Jeff, for a job well done. Having my Omega Seamaster Wacth for thirty five years working thirty three years perfectly, it started to work slow then fast it was taken and sent to three major watch repair companys it comtinued to worked as it taken or sent to them. this is so amusing, after takeing it back to the company before it was sent to Jeff, The shop manager told me, "the watch maybe working according to my pulse or body tempressure." I walked out thinking that watch repairers are so dum that it don’t make sense repairing a watch. Then I came across an add by Jeff@watchrepair,net I made the call Jeff answered in a kind courteous mann that impressed me, the watch was sent to him it was repaired and sent back the date it was promised working beautifully then it went two three minutes fast. I called Jeff and with kind, respectful politeness he, "asked how quickly can returned the watch?" within a week I said and to my surprise it was retimed and returned in a week working great. If you have a watch and it need to be repair try Jeff@watchrepair.net and you will be pleased with his service.Thanks again Jeff.

Dr. R. Balfour

November, -0001

The work you did on both the IWC Fleiger Chronograph and the Breguet Heritage was wonderful. As a collector of high end watches, it is great to find someone who has the ability to properly service them in a timely fashion. In the past, I have always sent them back to the manufacturers and it is usually two to four months before I get them back. Be assured that I will be sending you my other watches as they need service. Also, thanks for all of the personal phone calls to update me throughout the repair process.Sincerely,

Phil Bashford
Hampton, VA
November, -0001
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