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Straight forward no nonsense service. My Breitling was delivered on time and on budget. Good guy.
Paul Julian
November 2014
Since I found Watch Repair on the Internet, the unknown made it a little concerning sending my Rolex to you to repair, but all the great testimonial's made it easier. Happy to say that they were right! My Roles looks and functions like it did new. The work and the warranty are very much appreciated. Thank you...
Dan Cameron
Barrington, IL
November 2014
Jeff - I wanted you to know that I received my Rolex back in excellent condition. I can only say that I am extremely pleased with the results. It looks and runs like new as it did when I open the original box many years ago. As I'm sure many of your customers are, I, too, was very apprehensive in sending my watch off to someone I didn't know. After talking to you personally on the phone I felt assured my watch would be in good hands. Rest assured that I read each and every comment rendered by your customers and also the ones in the listing you sent me with the watch repair package. I can truly say that you've lived up to your promise of timely repairs and fair pricing. Thanks again for your assistance with my repairs and you definitely
Donald Weingarten
Macon, NC
November 2014
I own a 40+ year old Rolex Oyster Perpetual that I have maintained regularly since it's original purchase. Lately it has become more and more difficult to find a qualified repair service. I contacted Watch Repair and Jeff immediately returned my call. During the whole process there were telephonic communications between Jeff and me to ensure I was "in the loop". The watch was repaired within the prescribed timeframes, at the postulated costs, and returned as promised. The watch now is perfect, including a cleaning of the dial. Looks like the day it came from the dealer. I will continue to do business with a company that so clearly stands behind its product and work. Watch Repair certainly has all of my business for all of my quality watches.
David R. Woodard
Las Vegas, NV
November 2014
I talked with Jeff several times before sending out my Ladies Rolex. I was hesitant at first, but after reading the testimonials and visiting with Jeff on the phone, I felt comfortable. Jeff was wonderful to work with, he kept in touch via email and phone calls to let me know how the cleaning/repair was going. I needed it right away due to my daughter's birthday, and he worked with the Rolex repair to see that I received it. I got it the day before her birthday, and all went well. It looked like a brand new watch, and she was so pleased to receive this as a gift. Thank you Jeff for the great work and for rushing my order. I will definitely be using your services again.
Trude Davis
Colorado Springs, CO
November 2014
Yes, there's a leap of faith involved in sending an expensive Breitling watch to an Internet-based company for repair, but Jeff Herman goes the extra mile to communicate well and keep his promises. My watch is now working perfectly...I am a very satisfied customer.
James Caldarella
Staten Island, New York
November 2014
Finding WatchRepair.net on the internet lead me to talking to Jeff Herman about repairing my Tudor watch. Feeling somewhat apprehensive about sending my watch to an unknown in the beginning, but after talking to Jeff decided to send it to him. He called me after receiving the watch with the repair cost and told me it would take about a month to complete the repairs. Once the month had passed, I begin to wonder if I had made the right decision so I called and left a message. After a few days Jeff called me back and said that my watch was finished and would be back to me in a couple of days. After getting my watch back, it looked better than brand new and is working perfectly. I got exactly the service that Jeff had described in the beginning and I am satisfied with the services that Jeff provided. I would recommend WatchRepair.net for any watch repairs that you might need.
Gayland Thorn
Fredonia, TX
October 2014
There are not many certified Omega watch repair shops. I sent my 14 year old Omega Seamaster to Jeff Herman for repair and refurbishing. I got back my watch looking brand new. Couldn't be more happier with the results. I recommend WatchRepair.net.
Doug Savary
Ashland, MA
October 2014
I was reluctant to send my 33 year old Rolex to an internet operation. However, Jeff worked patiently with me and satisfied my concerns. This watch was a personal treasure to me. I sent them a rag and got back a beautiful time piece that operates great. Wow, what a transition. Jeff communicated effectively and an timely. Thanks Jeff!
Bill Arnold
Richmond, Texas
October 2014
I was naturally a bit apprehensive about sending my treasured Rolex President Day-Date watch across the country to someone whom I did not know. I read and contacted several of the people on the list that Jim had provided to me. They all highly recommended Jim and WatchRepair.net. So off my watch went. As I wore my stainless steel Rolex, I longed for the return of my President. Finally the day came that Jim notified me that my watch was ready to be returned. He accommodated me by sending my watch to my business. It's beautiful - like new! The gold is polished the diamond sparkle and it runs great. Thank you Jim and your staff for making my Rolex look like it did 30 years ago when my husband surprised me on Christmas morning.
Barbara McClelland
San Dimas, CA
September 2014
I was hesitant to send my Rolex watch into watchrepair.net like so many others....but after talking with Jeff I decided to give his company a try. My Rolex Submariner was in really bad shape and had major salt water damage throughout the movement. Jeff assured me that his watch guy could repair it...and he did just that! The watch came back to me in like new condition. I could not be happier. Thanks Jeff and hats off to your watch maker. If anyone would like a before and after pictures, please send me an email.
Paul Cassidy
Mont Vernon, NH
September 2014
I am very satisfied with my entire experience with Jeff at WatchRepair.net. His communication was exceptional, and my Vintage Omega Seamaster watch looks and runs great. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone in need of this service.
Ralph Mahoney
Scarborough, Maine
September 2014
I won't lie...I was a little hesitant about sending a $8,000 Rolex to a guy from the internet that I talked to once on the phone. But after reading other reviews and listening to Jeff I took the chance. And boy am I glad I did!!! My Rolex Submariner came back with a new bezel, running and looking brand new!!!!! I could not believe it. The communication and service was terrific. So good in fact that I sent my wife's Datejust to Jeff for cleaning and service. Thanks for the great work.
Kyle Marshall
Denver, NC
August 2014
I've had my Cartier watch for more than thirty-five (35) years and recently had to have it serviced. I was a little concerned because the few previous times I've had it overhauled my experience was okay at best. My husband had his Rolex serviced by Watch Repair about a year ago and suggested I take it to them. It took longer than anticipated but, when Jeff brought it out I was ecstatic because it looked like a new watch. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.
Denise Miniet
Coral Springs, FL
August 2014
I highly recommend WatchRepair.net! I was very pleased with the service repair and cleaning of my Rolex, and appreciated Jeff's speedy communication.
Denise Meister
Reading, PA
August 2014
They delivered exactly what was promised. Very good service.
Marshall Godwin
King George, VA
August 2014
Every aspect of our interaction was accomplished with the highest level of professionalism. The first contact was friendly, and every subsequent question was addressed promptly and with courtesy. The repair was done in a timely manner. I could not have picked a finer organization with which to do business.
Robert Baskind , M.D., F.A.C.S.
Scottsdale, Arizona
August 2014
I received my Rolex that WatchRepair.net restored for me and I am thoroughly impressed. For a thirty year old watch that has suffered from neglect, it looks better than I could possibly have imagined and of course it works now. Thanks for doing such a great job. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking to have there watch fixed/restored.
Henry Rose
Chicago, IL
August 2014
My Rolex President watch is 20+ years old and gains in personal value to me each day. It is great to find a trust worthy business that does excellent work. They are very customer focused and I look forward to continuing my relationship.
Marvin Waters
Trent Woods, NC
August 2014
Thanks for the great response and handling of the repair of my Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch. From the start it was all very professionally handled and came back looking new. I must admit that I had reservations about sending the watch away to a firm with which I was not familiar. That was all eased over by your personal professionalism and the super work of the person actually doing the repair. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend you and your entire firm. Maybe we can get you to add diamonds to my beautiful brides watch before Christmas!! Thanks again!!
Ernest Sewell
Holden Beach, NC
August 2014
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