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Tag Heuer Pro 200 Links. Customer came to us after being told by the Tag Heuer Service Center that nothing could be done with his watch. Instead of giving up, this customer did a Google search for Tag Heuer Watch Repair and found our site.


I didn’t want to make any promises before seeing his watch but I encouraged him to send it and offered to pay for the shipping. It is our policy that we pay for inbound shipping. Furthermore, we never charge for a repair estimate so this customer figured what do I have to loose. If this doesn’t work, it will just get thrown into the back of the sock drawer to be forgotten.


I emailed customer a prepaid Fedex Express shipping label. He shipped it to me that same day and I received his watch 48 hours later. I called him right away and gave him an estimate to restore his Tag Heuer Pro 200 Links watch . to like-new condition.


The following was the work performed:


  1. Dissasembly of the entire watch.
  2. replacement of quartz movement
  3. replacement of case back gasket, crystal gasket and crown gasket
  4. new Tag Heuer crystal
  5. replacement of dial and hands
  6. laser welded each bracelet link from the back.
  7. Polished bracelet, case, and bezel back to original like saitin finish, removing most scratches and scuff marks.
  8. re-enamel of bezel to restore the black enamel that had worn off over time and as a result of our polishing.

The whole job took about 3 weeks from the time we received his watch. Total cost of this extensive restoration was $529 which was still cheaper than buying a new watch.


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