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I just received my Rolex Submariner back from Watch Repair.net and it looks better than the day I initially received it. The watch is absolutely stunning and running perfectly. I highly recommend this company if you plan to service your watch. They are very professional and responsible with your request and keep you a prized of the process wile handling your watch and the repair or service.

Anthony Chizmar Sr
New Port Richey, FL
March, 2020

I recently had my Breitling Colt Automatic serviced by watchrepair.net. When I received it back, it looks like a brand new watch and keeps perfect time. This is the second watch I have sent to Jeff and Marc – both watches exceeded my expectations for quality of repair and professional service. I trust them implicitly and will continue to use them for future repairs and services. A 5-star operation- doesn’t get any better than these guys!!

David Aqua
Tacoma, WA
March, 2020

Jeff has done 2 Tag Heuer’s for me and I couldn’t be happier. The service was over and above both times. The communication was perfect, I won’t go anywhere else!

Robert Brooks
Vallejo, CA
March, 2020

After 55 years of owning and wearing an Omega Sea master De Ville, I never had it serviced until sending it to the “MEN of THEIR WORD” at Watch Repair. Now keep in mind I wore this watch through Viet-Nam for a year. Never pulled it off and when I came home and was released from Active duty I became a welder and wore it still, even while welding in the field and also in the shop. You can only imagine the conditions this poor watch went through….however the watch had been rigged by me with “Super Glue, and staples” to hold the watch face on and the staples to hold the bracelet together!! Now I have a prized Omega again and the watch and bracelet are impeccable!!
Thank You to the welder and the watchmaker and of course to Mr. Jeff and Mr. Marc. Their Word is absolutely “TRUTH!”
Paul Sims Fultondale, Alabama

Paul Sims
Fultondale, AL
March, 2020

My 25+ year old Omega Constellation had water damage on the face, among other problems. It Looks brand new now. Good job

Richard Coleman
Houston, TX
March, 2020

My Hamilton Jazzmaster stopped running and looked a little worse for ware. I read some reviews and filed a query on the Watchrepair.net web site. Jeff called me less than an hour later and gave me a quote.
I received my watch back and it looks great and keeps perfect time. The price was as quoted over the phone.
These guys are great!

William Ladd
Sapphire, NC
March, 2020

I can not express how happy I am to have my Rolex Ladies President watch back on my arm. After spending years in a safe with a broken bracelet my watch was sent to Watch Repair. The bracelet had to be reworked and was updated from the original “bark” finish. The entire process was wonderful. It could not have been easier. Two months later there was an issue with a pin. The watch was returned, repaired and the timing rechecked – all under warrenty! I highly recommend Watch Repair!!

Sharon Hobbs
Amarillo, TX
March, 2020

The WatchRepair Team was very prompt and professional throughout the entire repair process of my Omega De Ville. They kept me informed of every step and did not proceed without explaining the details and obtaining consent before proceeding. I could not be a more satisfied customer.

Hans Medlarz
Milford, DE
February, 2020

Great job! Watch Repair kept me informed every step of the way. Could not be happier that I was able to find professionals to repair my Breitling which I have had for over 15 years. I looks brand new. Thanks again guys.

Leonel Garza
McAllen, TX
February, 2020

I received my Rolex back today and it looks great. I was a bit hesitant to trust an online watch repair service, but you guys really put me at ease. So, thank Jeff and Marc for your professionalism and excellent customer service.

Stan Tyler
Milwaukee, WI
February, 2020

I would like to thank Jeff & Mark of Watch Repair for making my Breitling Lady J.watch look & feel brand new.Thank you for your care & concern With my precious watch Grace L.
I would definitely recommend your service to everyone.

Grace Loiacono
Jackson, NJ
February, 2020

I am extremely pleased with the service and repairs on me Rolex Submariner. The watch looks great.
Watch Repair.net, LLC delivered everything they promised, they kept fully informed during the whole process. I will definitely use their service in the future.
Thanks, Jeff

James Edwards
Wetumpka, AL
February, 2020

I moved to a rural area 5 years ago. As as avid watch collector I began searching for someone who could service a high-end watch without much luck. After what felt like months of research I came across WatchRepair.net LLC. Like many, I was very reluctant to send my prized possession Omega Seamaster in the mail to people I had never laid eyes on. So, I read every single review on the BBB site and I was was amazed at the number of compliments this company received.

I decided to make a call and see what they were all about. To my surprise they actually picked up the phone on the second ring. I spoke at length with Marc about their process, who would be working on my watch, and confirmed that they were master watch makers. The price was in line with what I paid to have my Rolex service while living in the Tampa Bay area.

So, I decided to take the plunge and hope for the best. They sent me a super strong box with a security seal along with detailed instructions on how to ship it. We insured the watch for the purchase price and as soon as I got home from the FedEx office I emailed them the tracking number. Once my watch arrived they confirmed receipt of it via email. They said the service would take a few weeks and they would call me if the watch needed anything besides a cleaning and adjustment.

They contacted me a few days later and let me know that after 15 years the watch needed a mainspring and a few other parts in order to bring it back to like new condition. We agreed to the price of the overhaul. 2 weeks later I got a call from Marc saying they were ready to ship it back. He confirmed my mailing address (again) and also let me know I would need to sign for it. I opened the box yesterday and was absolutely stunned to see that my watch looks like the day I bought it for $4,500 many years ago, I had to look close to make sure they didn’t send me a new watch by mistake.

The mark of a great business is their ability to develop a discipline that sets them apart for all others. WatchRepair.net did everything exactly as they said they would.. Just imagine a company that picks up the phone, returns email almost instantly, and exceeds your expectations. Not very common today.

This is a world-class operation run by master watch makers who have the same passion for these exquisite time pieces as collectors do. You will be in good hands…….Russ

Russ Petz
Bainbridge, GA
February, 2020

WatchRepair did a phenomenal job on the Breitling SuperOcean I sent them. Had received this watch for my 40th years ago and decided to send to them after 11 years to have it serviced, cleaned, etc. It came back looking brand new! It was done in the time frame they stated and they kept me aware of the status each week. Great work!!

Keith Southard
Houston, TX
February, 2020

My Vintage Omega Seamaster has just been returned, as I removed it from the box, my daughter asked if I had purchased a “new watch”. I’ve had the watch for many years and it kept good time, however winding and setting it were difficult, still I wore it a lot, so my family had always seen it on my wrist. She didn’t recognize it as the same machine. This 56 year old watch shines and runs like its 1954 again. Thank you for your time and fine service on this beauty.

Michael Mullins
Cottonwood, AZ
February, 2020

I was somewhat skeptical at first dealing with a company on line but that changed in a hurry. These people are the real deal in watch repair, they really care about you and your watch. When I received my watch after the overhaul I could not believe how fantastic it looked. Turn around time was excellent and they kept me informed every step of the way. It was like taking your valuable time piece to your local repair jeweler but much better. I could not be happier. Thank you Jeff, Marc and WatchRepair.net

Stan McIlvee
Pottstown, PA
February, 2020

Just received my repaired Omega Constellation watch which was given to me approx 30 years ago. The results are perfect. It looks like it did the day my wife gave it to me.
The service was terrific from the initial contact via the internet to receiving the Omega watch back. Very professional & trustworthy

Doug Clemens
New Hope, PA
February, 2020

Thanks guys, great job repairing my breitling elt. Works and looks great. Will try to keep my 7yrs daughter from deploying the emergency antenna again….thanks, rich

Richard Ruff
Newark, OH
February, 2020

My Panerai had cracked crystal with small broken piece of crystal inside the watch, and bezel was beat up due to wear and tear over the years. Didn’t want to send it to Panerai directly due to excessive approximate charge to get it fixed. Found WatchRepair.net online and was surprised about the repair cost quote, less than half the price of Panerai’s quote. To make a long story short, sent it WatchRepair.net and just received it back. Summation, watch came back “as new”! Brand new crystal, bezel’s scratches/gouges gone, and time is running accurate as ever! All my other Rolex watches are going to this business for repairs and services. Thanks WatchRepair.net!


Mark Carreon
Seguin, TX
February, 2020

I couldn’t be happier with the price, quality of repairs, and the outcome of the finished product. I sent in my Breitling that was very scratched and running more slowly every day. I received a detailed estimate via phone within days if shipping in their Pelican case, including a deep explanation of the parts that were worn. I’m not certain the watch they returned is even mine — it looks brand new, winds smoothly, and the chronograph buttons are as crisp as the day it was purchased! I’ll happily retain their services for all future repairs!!

Victor Groszko
Chicago, IL
February, 2020
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