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I appreciated the professionalism and matter-of-fact approach taken. This is the second time I’ve had work done on my Breitling Vintage Chronograph – it is the watch I wear everyday for everything, including sports activities, so it gets exposed to the elements and jostling around a lot. They were easy to trust, and easy to place my confidence with them that they would do a great job at an appropriate price. All turned out nicely – my watch looks great, works well, and it still loses a small amount of time day to day (but then I think that’s what they’re supposed to do, aren’t they?)

Ron Huxtable
Palm Coast, FL
April, 2018

I probably could use about every positive adjective to describe my satisfaction with my watch repair. I had all but given up hopes that my Tag Heuer chronic would ever work again. My local “expert” worked on it, only to give me the “unfortunate news” that’s parts were simply unavailable it he had “done his best “. Never having met the people at Watch Repair but wanting to believe the testimonials, I gave them a try. If you are on the fence as to whether you should trust your loved and expensive timepiece to someone on the internet, don’t be. These people are honest and wonderful. You, like me, will be blown away by the results.

Ronald Wood
Fort Myers, FL
April, 2018

thank you so much for your excellent service. My Rolex Datejust looks great and is running excellently! Your service, support and secured shipping was exceptional! I will always use and recommend you and your company!

Chuck Wurf
Emerson, NJ
April, 2018

From beginning to end, this transaction was seamless. These guys do a fantastic job of arranging for secure shipping and my Rolex came back looking and working like new!

Dan Schneider
Minneapolis, MN
April, 2018

From initial contact to completed repair and restoration of my Vintage Hamilton watch, it was a pleasure dealing with the professionals at WatchRepair.net. Dealing with Jeff Herman the President made the process so easy. Love the job they did.

Jeff Nelson
Hiawassee, GA
April, 2018

I sent two Rolex Oyster Purpetual watches to WatchRepair.net. From the beginning, my watches were treated with the utmost care. The packaging both to and from the service center was outstanding. After inspection, Jeff called to tell me what needed to be done to them. After we talked, he even delayed charges for a few days to allow me to take advantage of credit card account billing cycles. This is a small thing, but it clearly demonstrates the level of personal service you can expect. Communication throughout the process was good.

I received my watches back in about 5 – 6 weeks. The quality of the work is excellent! They look as good as new, and early feedback suggests it keeps better time than it did when I bought it.

If you are reading this, then you know Jeff’s pricing is great, but you can also expect great customer service and a excellent final product. It takes a lot to trust your luxury timepiece to an Internet-based company in another state, but you won’t be disappointed.

Timothy Brown
Dallas, TX
April, 2018

Was not happy entrusting someone I never heard of with my watch. Called a previous customer of yours. He was obviously not being paid by watch repair and was very happy with the service. You did everything you said you would do, in a reasonable time for a fair price.

Ted Greene
Florence, AL
April, 2018

My Omega Speedmaster was a graduation gift from my mom and dad when I graduated college in 1969. They knew I would be flying with the USAF and it has been a valued possession of mine ever since. Over the years I kept it, but wore it less and less because it was no longer kaaping accurate time. Sending it off to WatchRepair for restoration was an act of faith not knowing anything about the company and just hoping I would see my watch again. What a great experience! Jeff was excellent in communicating informing me of the work my Omega needed. My watch arrived as promised last Friday and it’s in perfect condition with all functions working and keeping accurate time. It was even set to the time for my time zone. Do not hesitate to have your watch serviced/restored by WatchRepair.net. – they are expert!

James Crooks
Spokane, Washington
April, 2018

I was frustrated with my Bell & Ross 03-94 and my Panerai 8 Days GMT. My B&R was running poorly and needed service, and my Panerai had stopped running altogether. I found Watch Repair Net while looking online for authorized service centers–but those were difficult to find, and they didn’t respond to my communications. Not so with Watchrepair.net . Within 24 hours of sending an inquiry, I was contacted by Jeff at Watchrepair.net via phone call. I sent both watches in for service on the B&R and a complete overhaul on the Panerai. The shipping services provided by Watchrepair.net were exceptional and easy. Updates and and status reports from Watchrepair.net were timely and appreciated. The prices I was quoted before sending the watches in were very reasonable, and there were no surprises–I was charged exactly what I was quoted. I LOVE Watchrepair.net and will continue to use their services and recommend them to others. Most important part of all, they gained my trust by keeping their promises. Thanks again Jeff and Veronica. -Mike

Mike S.
Phoenix, AZ
April, 2018

I sent my Omega Seamaster to WatchRepair for repair and service. The process was simple and convenient and it took less than two weeks to complete the service. My big surprise was when I got my watch back, it was perfect, like new! I have another Swiss watch that will be going to WatchRepair for service too.

Ed Lewis
Pasadena, California
April, 2018

I bought my Rolex – used – 13 + years ago – seller said it had just been serviced… Having a small watch collection, my Rolex is not an everyday timepiece. Having received my watch back from you, it has never run so as good as it does now – I always had to wind it if I took it off for a day… I appreciate the very thorough and professional service that was performed on my Rolex. Thank you,

Greg Brennan
Knoxville, TN
April, 2018

I trusted Watchrepair.net with my classic Omega Seamaster Professional watch and was very impressed with the entire service. They shipped an incredibly secure pelican style shipping container that made me feel much more comfortable about sending my watch and the whole process for that matter. The work was performed quicker than I expected and I am very pleased with the results. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Michael Donaldson
Omaha, Nebraska
April, 2018

This is third time I have used their service to have my Breitling watches brought back to like-new condition. What more needs to be said, next time will be number four..

Jeff McDaniel
Sacramento, CA
May, 2018

I just received my Omega Seamaster watch back from WatchRepair.net. This is the third time in the past 9 years I have trusted Watch Repair with my very sentimental and costly timepiece. On two occasions, not only routine cleaning and such were required, but extensive repairs were necessary. This last time a complete circuit board was required. Considering my Omega is 30 years old, it was quite a challenge to even find the circuit board required. I can’t begin to express the diligence and determination exhibited by the Watch Repair team to bring this challenge to a successful completion. I was provided status frequently during the time consuming process that was being under taken. I will add that at no time was I concerned that my Omega would not be returned to me in working and beautiful condition. This is a team that can be labeled Outstanding, Caring, and determined. I HIGHLY recommend the Team at WatchRepair.net for any timepiece cleaning, setting, or repair job large or small. If worry free work is your objective look no further.

Jay Sauerwein
Cape Canaveral FL/Lake Lure, NC
April, 2018

Exemplary Service.
Mr. Herman and his team provided excellent service during the whole procedure of watch pickup and repair.
I made the mistake of having my watch overhauled by unscrupulous a local jewelry store .
Mr. Herman and his team evaluated my Rolex Sea-Dweller watch and determined they could save it.
Rest a assured that I will only have my Rolex Sea-Dweller serviced by Watch Repair.net in the future
and recommend them to all who need excellent watch care.

Francois Fournier
Beverly Hills , Florida
May, 2018

I live in a small town where it would be difficult to find a watchmaker with the training, skills, equipment, and experience necessary to service my Omega properly. After checking the Internet, I called Jeff Herman. He was personable, professional, and patient in answering my questions and explaining the process. My work cost slightly more than the $399 mentioned on the website because it included a new mainspring, stem, crown, crystal, and other parts. From the day I mailed my watch to Jeff until its return was almost exactly one month. When it arrived, I wound it a few times. Compared to the mechanism I sent to Jeff, it now turns as smoothly as a Swiss watch. The difference was quite a surprise. Based on my experience, if you rely on Jeff Herman to service your timepiece, you will be pleased with the results. Roger Magyar, Pacific Grove, CA

Roger Magyar
Pacific Grove, CA
May, 2018

Thanks Jeff,

My vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic Geneve watch arrived today….looks like new and keeps perfect time.

Once again, a wonderful job. It’s like an old friend, worth keeping.
Thanks to your experts, it will be a wonderful gift to pass along.

Thanks, Michael Baugher

Michael Baugher
Littleton, CO
April, 2018

Another perfect experience with Watch Repair, as they again demonstrated professional performance, precision, and prideful attention to detail. Jeff Herman and company once again hit the mark of excellence with professionalism and reliability. Like a family friend I would return to them with my full trust.

Michael Baugher
Littleton, Colorado
March, 2018

I want to thank Jeff and his staff for taking care of my GMT in such a prompt and efficient manner. The shipping material took into account my concerns on the watch arriving and returning safely. I won’t hesitate if I ever need their services again. Thanks Jeff!

Tom B.
April, 2018

A professional, courteous, and timely company. The quality of work was amazing, the watch looks new!

March, 2018
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