July, 2020WatchRepair did an excellent job repairing and restoring my 2000 Rolex Submariner. I never had my watch serviced, little wonder why it had stopped working after 20 years of use. Jeff explained what was wrong, broken Main Spring, and what the cost of repair-restoration would be. The cost was very reasonable, especially having never maintained my watch over the 20 years of use. When I opened the shipping box, I was amazed at how beautifully it was restored. Yes, it looked Brand New again-what a joy! Also, I will definitely send it back to WatchRepair for recommended service internals. Thank you Jeff, for the excellent service you and your team provide, I could not be more satisfied.
Dan Cloud, Miami, FL
July, 2020I was in a state. The winding stem had come out of my watch, and I found out that my diamond and ruby bezel was an after market add on -- a lovely one. With this add on, I couldn't send my watch to Rolex for repair. I happened upon WatchRepair.net through a small high end jeweler in Tampa. He said, "these are the folks you want to deal with. They're dependable and trustworthy." Well, I received my watch back in the mail today, more beautiful than ever and working perfectly. The whole experience was one of trust. Thank you.
Carol Sultenfuss, Longboat Key, FL
July, 2020Thank you for excellent work . Happy to have my Seamaster back on my hand .
Tomasz Krajewski, Simsbury, CT
July, 2020Very satisfied with the repair of my Omega watch. Very professional, timely and great communications.
Boyd Noble, La Porte, TX
July, 2020I sent a Rolex to WR because it no longer kept time. I initially spoke with a kind gentleman in Florida. He could not have been nicer to me! He did not make me feel badly about not knowing the model. After speaking with him I felt very reassured about sending my prcious watch to him. I received a very elaborate package in which to send my watch. It seemed like the next day it was back better than you. The funny thing about this testimonial is I am NOT a trusting person. It was the sum of the whole that gave me comfort!
Mary Mahoney, Portsmouth, NH
July, 2020From start to finish I felt comfortable with how they handled my Audemars Piguet. They immediately reached out to discuss the service once I submitted the request and speaking with them gave me the comfort I needed to send it out. The package they provided was very secure which added a layer to my comfort. They were clear and honest about the services needed so I never felt taken advantage of during the process. Beyond that the price was fair and the time they needed it was very efficient relative to the manufacturer. I would recommend them for servicing your watch. Thank you!
Cory Barnard, San Jose, CA
July, 2020I got my Omega back a couple of days ago. It left in one of your plastic shock proof cases and was returned in a foam lined cardboard box. This box was in an unaddressed UPS overnight letter, bag, finally in a FED-X bag for which I did not have to sign. A little ironic as the value of the watch was increased by the repair. Anyway all's well that ends well. The watch looks great, (Seems to be a main theme in your testimonials), more to the point, it works perfectly and holds it's wind, for more than a day. Your customer service and communication is amazing, you must put in some long hours! The best testimonial I can give, is that my wife's Rolex ladies, will be on it's way as soon as you can start the procedure. Regards and thanks John
John McIntosh, Williamsburg, VA
July, 2020I recommend "Watch Repair," with no reservations . When I received my Omega Constellation , (60 years old) with the new Alligator band that you advised I should purchase, I thought that I had a brand new watch. It now keeps perfect time again and I wear it with pride. May I also state that the other Omega with the burnished Omega logo band that my son wears is like the watch was when it was given to me by my men in the USS Northampton CLC1 upon my departure for shore duty. Thank you for your outstanding efforts. CDR. BOB O'Malley USN Retired.
Robert O’Malley, San Marcos, CA
July, 2020Outstanding service! First time I’ve ever sent my watch off. Want to say that after speaking with Mr. Herman and researching other comments from customers I felt completely at ease with this transaction. For such a small repair no expense was too much. Shipping box, security, all prepaid and received as promised. Repair was completed in minimal time and watch returned within the time promised. Received today all repaired and polished looking like a new watch. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Thank you.
Michael Mosner, Augusta, GA
July, 2020I needed my Omega Seamaster serviced and while searching the web I found Watch Repair.Net. I read the testimonials and called them and spoke to Jeff who gave me all the necessary details on how they will service my Omega. I just received my watch today and it looks like it did when I first purchased it. I am extremely happy with their service and will recommend to my friends. I will continue to use them for my other high end watches. Thank you for a great job!
Carlos Benitez, New York, NY
July, 2020Watch looks wonderful, like new. the way my watch was delivered to Watch Repair and back home was seamless and secure. Thanks
Stacy Eschete, Houma, LA
July, 2020My submariner clasp broke and I took it to a certified Rolex dealer. After the shock wore off ($4k) estimate, as they wanted to replace the entire bracelet, I researched the internet for an alternate solution. I located Marc at Watchrepair.net and sent him a picture of the problem. We spoke and I entrusted him with my Rolex, which I shipped to his Nashville location. After a few days he called and gave me the good/bad news. The clasp could be replaced, but the band was beyond repair and his repair technicians looked at the internals. For less than 1/2 price, my Rolex band/clasp was rebuilt, serviced and returned in pristine condition. I used a previous on-line Rolex repair shop for this submariner, but had sub par results. Marc is top notch and I will refer other Rolex owners to him and his technicans.
Richard Grace, Bowling Green, KY
July, 2020Fantastic service and skill. My 40 year old Rolex looks like new and is so far keeping perfect time. I would recommend your company to anyone witha valuable watch. Your company is the only place I will send my watch for service or repair in the future.
Leonard Mastbaum, MD, Fort Wayne, IN
July, 2020I received my Omega Speedmaster back from your service today. WOW. When I opened the box it was running precisely on time. It looked brand new. I had it serviced in 2016 by an Omega "specialist". It hasn't run right since then. I just got accustomed to it loosing a minute or two or three a day. When I complained I was told I had to wind the self winding watch 30 times each morning. Whiskey-tango-help......Inside your package was a warranty, a receipt f AND instructions for the care of a self winding watch. I have to admit, I was concerned about sending my valued, sentimental watch to someone I've never met in a place I've never been. Packing, shipping, care and insurance were top notch. Your constant contact, follow up and follow through put my concerns to rest. Thank you.
Bill Becker, East Northport , NY
July, 2020My Panerai GMT suffered a broken winding stem. My local watchmaker was unable to order factory parts, so my search began. After some research, I chose WatchRepair. I was sent a shipping kit that was bulletproof. I was informed of the cost of repair up front. Within a few weeks, I received my repaired, and restored, time piece. I really don't think it looked that good when new! Great service, impeccable work. Highly recommended!
Thomas Gerard, Macclenny, FL
July, 2020My 40 year old Rolex stopped running and needed repair I went online and found watch repair.net and called them after the conversation I decided to try to have them repair my watch It was a very good decision I got back today and it looks like new and appears to be running perfectly they have a one year guarantee on their work I would recommend them for any watch repair.
Thomas Thomas, Terre Haute, IN
July, 2020I just opened the FedEx package to find my recently overhauled Rolex watch looking like it just came out of the showcase! The entire process was professional in every way and met all my expectations. I can recommend watchrepair.net without reservations for repairs to your high end time piece. Many thanks to Jeff ,Marc and the team for making me another happy customer!
Lonnie Phillips, Bristol, TN
July, 2020may 20/20 I sent my rolex oyster perpetual date just to jeff, after talking to him he made me feel very comfortable about sending my watch to watch repair.net i am very happy i did,i received it back june 20/20 after a complete overhaul my 32 year old rolex looks brand new and keeps perfect time.i would recommend watch repair.net to any one needing watch service,thanks for a great job.
Booker Jordan, Orlando, FL
July, 2020This is my second time working with watchrepair.net. The first was amazing so I went back. This time I was at first unsatisfied because of the delays that I was experiencing. I sent a dis-satisfied customer email and was immediately contacted by Jeff. He explained their workload and agreed to look into my watch and figure out what was going on. He did, called me back immediately and promised I'd have it within a week. It arrived today, within a week. They definitely stepped up and re-converted me. I do recommend them highly.
Ron Schwab, Concord, CA
July, 2020They did a nice job on my Montblanc Meisterstuck, which had stopped after an accumulation of water damage due to my own carelessness over the years. It keeps excellent time now. It looks like they also polished dents off the metal casing, which is much shinier now. I feel like I'm wearing a brand new watch. From my conversations with them it's clear that these guys are passionate about the art and engineering of fine time pieces. I waited almost 3 years to have this watch fixed, and missed it constantly. I was reluctant to part with it (even in a broken state!) and to take a chance on repairs. If only I'd known.
Wentian Chan, Newcastle, ME

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