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Just got my Omega Seamaster America’s Cup back from Watch Repair net and the watch runs and looks great. This is my daily wear watch and sorry to say but it takes a beating. It’s polished up beautifully and with several new internal parts is running as good as new. I highly recommend Watchrepair.net.

Fred McCluskey
Austin, Texas
September, 2018

The experience I had with watchrepair.net was really professional and the result of my Omega Seamaster was nothing short of amazing.i now have a brand new beautiful watch as it was when I purchased it 15 years ago. Everyone work with me to assure me the watch was safely sent to them and returned to me safely and quickly.

Robert Grender
Temecula, Ca.
August, 2018

Great people, great timing and great work. Will use them again on my other watches.

Fernando Taylor
Williamsburg, VA
September, 2018

Just opened the box on freshly restored Rolex. I can’t believe its the same watch. It is 15 years old, but looks brand new. Jeff and his team are true professionals. They keep in touch every step of the way and deliver in a big way. I won’t hesitate to call on them next time my watch needs servicing. The "Loomis Gang" says thanks!!!

Rob Loomis
Waukesha, WI
September, 2018

2nd time I have had my Rolex repaired by WatchRepair.net and both times the work was done in a timely manner and to my satisfaction. This is my everyday watch and it is abused on a regular basis.
Had a local Rolex dealer quote a repair and it was over $800 more for the same work.

Wayne Pence
Troy, OH
August, 2018

Just received my Presidential Rolex back last night. Wow what a great job, would highly recommend this company! I will continue use their services going forward. Great to be able work with a company that does what they say!


Greg Karleskint
Longwood, FL
September, 2018

I took a leap of faith to send my 20+ year old Rolex to a company I found online. It was imperative that they meet the estimated time line as I needed it back in time for my son’s wedding. Marc stayed in touch, coordinated the return and my watch and I both made it to the wedding on time. The cleaning and polishing alone were worth the effort as it looks brand new!

Sally Wood
Madison, MS
August, 2018

My experience with Watch Repair has been one of trust worthiness and professional. Sending off a precious watch was only done so because of confidence in talking with them. (We all have fear of scams these days but have no fear with this company)

John Harvard
Naperville, IL
September, 2018

Wow… Just got my Rolex back. It’s 15 years old, but you would never know it! The team at WatchRepair.Net did a spectacular job. They not only repaired it, but they totally restored it as well. Couldn’t be happier. You can be sure I’ll depend on them going forward for all my watch servicing.

Rob Loomis
Waukesha, WI
September, 2018

I must admit I was somewhat apprehensive about sending my Rolex off when it needed service as it holds great sentimental value for me. I found out the jeweler closest to me was just going to send it somewhere for the service so I cut out the middle man and went with WatchRepair.net. The process went exactly as explained to me. I got my watch back and it looks brand new and is keeping time to the second according to my atomic clock. Thank you Marc and Jeff for the excellent work!

Monty Learn
Hendersonville, NC
August, 2018


August, 2018

Excellent job !
My watch looks brand new.

August, 2018

Watch Repair.net is fantastic. Great customer service, expert craftsmen at an affordable price. My 18 year old Breitling came back looking like the day I bought it. Very pleased and I will use this quality firm for all of my future time piece repairs and overhauling.

Jim Zambito
Hartsville, SC
August, 2018

I sent my Omega Chronograph Seamaster to Jeff and his team after some water had fogged the watch. After speaking directly to Jeff, he diagnosed the problems, detailed the costs, and started the repairs. Very professional staff. My watch is like new! Thank you Jeff and Marc!

Patrick Maddigan
Pittsburgh, PA
August, 2018

My Omega Constellation watch looks and runs just like new. Thanks for finding a link for the band that is no longer made. You even improvised a pin for the band. Thanks a lot for your service. I have always enjoyed wearing this beautiful watch and you have allowed me now to wear it with pride for years to come. Thanks again.

Roger T. Haaland

Roger T. Haaland
Berthold, ND
September, 2018

From start to finish the Watch Repair team kept me informed on the status of my Panerai Chronograph repair. They completed the work and returned my watch in factory new condition.
Look no further for your repair needs… this team is outstanding!

August, 2018

I initially called the owner, Jeff Herman, after finding Watchrepair net online. I was totally impressed that this was a secure place to send my 2 Ebel watches and 1 Breitling Chronograph watch for repair and overhaul.

The service I received was excellent and expeditious. His charges were totally reasonable.

John W. Casto
Sapphire, NC
September, 2018

When I was cleaning up my father’s clinic after his death in 1997, I came upon a Rolex watch. I couldn’t have been more surprised. My dad was an old-school doctor who practiced medicine in our little community from the end of World War II through the late 1980’s. He was a great dad, but he grew up during the Depression, and he was as tight with his money as they come. I simply couldn’t imagine him buying such a watch. Further, I never saw him wear it, so my sister and I guessed he must have exchanged medical services with some patient for the watch. That sort of thing was common in the years of his practice; growing up we ate lots of chicken, ham, and fresh vegetables obtained through this sort of arrangement. Unfortunately, I dropped the watch, and it would no longer run. Several years later, after doing some research, I sent the watch to Jeff Herman at WatchRepair.net for repair. I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but I know for certain it is over twenty years old, and I imagine is is considerably older. The watch looked OK before I sent it to Jeff, but after his work it looks exactly like a new watch. It now runs perfectly, and I am so happy to be able to use it again. While I know the watch has some monetary value, it’s sentimental value to me is tremendous, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the work WatchRepair.net did. Thank you Jeff.

R.M. Cooke
Elkin, NC
August, 2018

I must admit I had resevations about sending my ROLEX SUBMARINER to someone I didn’t know .Jef was very understanding and provided me with several references that I called and heard nothing but POSITIVE RESPONSES from all of them. I decided to send Jeff my watch and I’m glad I did ,not only did they clean my ROLEX they fixed my broken pin on the band and thewatch came back and it looks BRAND NEW . iwould recomend Jeff and his services to anyone …They are very PROFESSIONAL and they do GREAT WORK…Thanks Jeff

Joe Pace
Sebring , Florida
August, 2018

Very pleased with entire process .My watch is like new. I will recommend to all my friends .

Clair Barner
Folsom, CA
August, 2018
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