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Watch Repair Reviews

Rolex Datejust. Received the watch yesterday,looks and runs beautifully,thank you very much.

Louis Barbagallo
Wethersfield, CT
April, 2019

Rolex Ladies Datejust. Work was done in a timely and quality manner. My wife is pleased also. As a former Malcom Baldrige Award examiner I am more aware than most on issues of QUALITY. WatchRepair.net meets the standard…thanks!

Dr. Jim Hawkins
Yukon, OK
April, 2019

Got my Rolex Datejust back in two weeks after an overhaul. Looks brand new. Thank you!!!!!!

Robert Ayers
Santa Rosa, CA
April, 2019

Thanks for the quick and professional service on my warranty watch repair.

Steve Brent
Evanston, WY
April, 2019

My Breitling has not worked in years. I finally decided to have it repaired and found your site on the Web. I was impressed by the many glowing testimonials and I said “I’m going to take a chance.”

Trusting you with my Breitling was definitely the right thing to do. The entire process was seamless. You stay in constant contact and minimized, if not eliminated, all of the anxiety about sending my watch to someone I didn’t know.

The results were extraordinary. I don’t remember the watch looking this good new! The watch is running perfectly and you brought back the polish and shine not only to the watch but to my stainless steel band as well.

I would definitely recommend your services, 100%. Take a chance!, Marc and Jeff will not let you down.

P.S. I’m planning to send my wife’s Breitling for repair as well.

Julio Cruz
Westfield, NJ
April, 2019

Jeff Herman has worked on my TAG for at least 15 years. He always provides excellent service and my watch comes back to me in a timely manner like new. I would recommend doing business with Jeff if you value your new or older timepiece.
Always makes me proud to wear my TAG especially when I get it back in like new condition from Jeff & Team.
Don’t hesitate to contact me as a reference-
Best always
Mike Maier

Mike Maier
Washington, DC
April, 2019

I sent Marc my 18-year-old Omega Speedmaster Professional in April 2019 and could not be happier with the results. The watch has been serviced multiple times by the Omega Service Center, and the quality, price, and timeliness do not come close to that of WatchRepair.net.

Marc’s process was secure, took only several weeks (vs. 3+ months for Omega), and was conducted at a price below that of Omega. Best of all, the watch looks literally brand new and functions perfectly – Omega did a mediocre job on cleaning, and the watch still came back with timekeeping / stopwatch issues. I would not hesitate to use Marc again or recommend his services to anyone with a valued timepiece.

Jason Rife
Gainesville, FL
April, 2019

Great service, I am so happy I came across you guys. I have a number of older Swiss mechanical watches and they are badly in need of service. I sent in my Panerai to give them a chance. They had it running like new and cleaned it up so it looks like a new watch. I am wearing it all the time now. They explained everything along the way, felt very safe and secure with them. Highly recommend them to anyone. Will be sending more watches in the near future! Thanks guys!

Sid Sharma
Wyckoff, NJ
April, 2019

Five Stars to Watch Repair.net/LLC!!! My 8 yr old Rolex Perpetual Datejust was gaining time and difficult to adjust. Luckily I found WatchRepair and read enough glowing testimonials to convince me to try them. From that point it was hands on interaction at every step. I received instructions, prompt delivery of prepaid packaging to send the watch forward, and continued verbal follow up to announce receipt, diagnosis and repair quotes. Most importantly my NEW looking watch arrived in speedy fashion. I could not be happier with the personalized service of Jeff Herman’s team.

Wendell Moseley
Williamsburg, VA
April, 2019

Rolex Datejust. These guys do professional and quality work!

Mark Frost
Melrose, FL
April, 2019

Rolex Daytona. Mark did a fantastic job. Fast easy and friendly service. He had the watch and in 2 weeks was back on my wrist with a 2 year Warranty. It’s a pleasure doing business with them. Thanks again

James Flanagan
Chicago, IL
April, 2019

Dear Mark,

I was absolutely delighted with the work you accomplished on my Breitling Aerospace watch! Not only was it obviously not working correctly, but it came back to me in 100% condition including the correct time! I’ll never employ any other watch repair company other than yours. Congratulations and thank you.

Henry Hobson

Henry Hobson
Seabrook Island, SC
April, 2019

Watch Repair took my 30 year old Rolex and completely restore it. It looks like brand new. I have had several comments the way it looks. The repair cost came in at the quoted price. I would highly recommend watch repair for any time piece that needs repair. Harold Smith

Harold Smith
Mt. Sterling, KY
April, 2019

I was 110% pleased with the repair of my breitling
SuperOcean at Watchrepair.net.
My watch was 15 years of age and serviced just once. Marc Imberman was very professional and attentive to my concerns about sending my timepiece in the mail. Not to worry! The ease of the
procedure was soothing and the cost was very reasonable. I received a brand new looking watch
that ran beautifully!
I will suggest this repair company to all of my friends.
Thank You Marc!

Buzz Tapasak
Satellite Beach, FL
April, 2019

Just got my Rolex back ahead of schedule and it looks great. Thanks to Marc and his team for exceeding his promises.

John Lamons
Greeneville, TN
April, 2019

We have availed ourselves of Watch Repair.net over 9 years for repair , maintenance of our family’s various pieces, my Omega, Linda’s Rolex, Mother’s 75 year old watches and more.. Always satisfied with their attention, repairs, suggestions and prompt help.

Luis E Sala
Marathon, FL
April, 2019

Breitling Navitimer. Very happy with the service I received! Every contact was prompt and professional, Marc was knowledgeable and personable to deal with. He was even able to impart to me some of the brand history as well. My inquiries were answered promptly and the service was professional, my 50 yr old watch looks, and functions like new. I look forward to having them as a resource in the future!

Harold Hyatt
Melcher-dallas, IA
April, 2019

I have a Rolex Day-Date Presidential Perpetual Watch. The Date was not working properly, So I surf the net, and I found WatchRepair.net, I entrusted my watch with them. and There customer service was outstanding. They overhaul & repaired my watch under fifteen hundred dollars. I was so satisfied. I would recommend this site any day!!

Johnny Y. Melus
April, 2019

My Omega Speedmaster was given to me by a relative who was the original owner. I was very pleased with the watch and wore it daily. After a few years in my possession it begin to lose time and so thought it was time to get the watch checked. I did not know any individual or company that worked on Omega watches so I searched the internet and narrowed my search down to three companies and I filled out a “Contact” form for each company. One of the companies contacted me and although they worked on Omega watches they did not work on chronograph models. I received an e-mail response from a second company but nothing but a boilerplate form email.

However, the personal attention given to me by Watch Repair employees about my specific cares and concerns went over the top. I received a phone call from the president of the company, Jeff Herman, the following day after I submitted the contact form. Jeff spent time talking to me about my watch, what I thought was wrong with the watch, what I expected from a repair facility, the service they provided and the details about their free estimate program.

The fact that Jeff took time to call me and spend time with me going over my concerns, the service they provide and the base cost of a complete overhaul sealed the deal for me.

Throughout the entire process starting with mailing the watch to them, notification that they had received the watch, another phone call about some areas they discovered that needed attention, notification that my watch was ready to be returned to me and follow up communications from both Mr. Marc Imberman from their support office as well as another note from Jeff Herman the president was just simply outstanding.

Jack Cox
Brentwood, TN
April, 2019

Fourth time around for my Breitling Chronomat which I bought at least 25 years ago and worn almost every day since. Past repairs were OK but not great. One local Breitling dealer even returned my money the repair was so far off.The last time cost me $600 and was done by a ” friend” of a “friend” for $600 and guess who ate that one?. The watch came back looking no better than when it went in and worked even worse.Enter Jeff and Mark. I found Watch Repair.Net on line and based on talking with Jeff felt comfortable with sending them my watch. After receiving it I was called back with an estimate for repair as quoted in my original telephone conversation with Jeff.

Today I received my watch back. In all honesty it looks as original, meaning not over restored and mechanically, meaning winding, setting the date and stop watch activation is smoother than when I bought it new. Kudos to you guys and don’t hesitate to use me as a referral

Bert Poliakoff

Bert Poliakoff
Scottsdale, AZ
April, 2019
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