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Firstly i’d like to thank both Marc and Jeff for replacing my 14 year old dull broken Breitling Chronogragh with a Brand new shiny watch, well that’s the first impression I got when I opened the box following my repair, The watch last looked this good when I purchased it 14 years ago.
This being said I would not hesitate in the least about entrusting Watch Repair with performing a repair on your precious watch, I did and am so pleased that I did so.

Steve McKay
Janesville, WI
September, 2019

I sent my Omega Sea master in to be repaired and it was done to perfection. At first I thought man I am sending this guy my watch. At every step of the way, I was told what to expect and they went to the extreme to make sure no issues were had in sending or receiving the watch. I would have no hesitation in using them again, or recommending them to a friend. They are the real deal. Great service great follow up!

Larry Gobel
Fresno, CA
September, 2019

I could not be more pleased with my watch repair! Marc and team were highly conscientious and exact in everything they said! They were incredibly safe with the handling of my Breitling Chronomat and I am VERY Satisfied with EVERYTHING!!

G. Michael Escoe
Atlanta, GA
August, 2019

Thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my Omega Seamaster. I took a chance on sending it in and believe me it is one of the best decisions I’ve made! I spoke with Jeff and received a temporary estimate, then shipped my timepiece to him and he did exactly what he said. I received notice on its arrival, the work was done for the estimated fee and my Omega came back looking like the one I purchased 31 years ago. He even polished out the scratches from the years of wear. Thanks again for making my old timepiece a thing of beauty again.

John Oakes

John Oakes
Mount Holly, NC
August, 2019

Your work on my Tag Heuer has been excellent. You do what you say and in a reasonable time. I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks for getting my Tag back to me. I’ll send it back if I need to, hopefully not any time soon.

Dennis Frost
Dexter, ME
August, 2019

I received my rolex back from ups looks great thanks

Charles Clough
Annapolis, MD
August, 2019

Watch looks great took some time but I think it was worth it. We will see in the coming days and they fixed the bracelet that was well worn. Thanks

George Coleman
Burlington, NC
August, 2019

I lost the hands for my vintage Omega that my parents bought for my 18th birthday. The watch also wasn’t running well. I sent it to Omega in Switzerland who said they no longer had parts. I found someone in my area who presumably was a Certified Master Watchmaker who said he could fix the watch for $100. I should have known better. After despairing, I found WatchRepair.net online and took a chance. Their service was exemplary and my watch is running like new. Unfortunately, the proper hands are no longer available but that’s a minor thing.

Bruce Butterfield
Sarasota, FL
August, 2019

I recently started collecting Omega Constellation circa1956. I sent two of them to be serviced. They sent a pelican (shock proof) case for me to send them in, about a week later I received a phone call from Jeff with an estimate to repair both watches and what work was necessary to make them like new. They use only genuine Omega parts.
I received both watches within 3-4 weeks after sending them. They look like new and they even replaced one of the bands with a nice new one.
I have 3 more to have serviced and will use WatchRepair.net again.

Jim Boro
Lutherville, MD
August, 2019

WatchRepair repaired a man and woman Rolex President. Both watches had some issues after we got them back and Jeff Herman immediately agreed to take them back and fix the issues.
Good service.

Helmut Sommer
San Rafael, CA
August, 2019

This is the second time I’ve used WatchRepair.net. The first time they got my 1947 Rolex running again and it is keeping perfect time. This time they worked on my Omega Seamaster Polaris. I sent the watch in on August 1st, and it is being delivered today, August 17. I highly recommend them.

Glenn Bauer
Kailua, HI
August, 2019

Dear Mark,

A watch is like an old friend. It is with you every day. Trusted and cherished through good times and bad. Sometimes a symbol of success or just something special that you bought that has a special meaning. My Omega Seamster Professional has always been that sidekick on my wrist. Faithful, dependable, and a part of me. Then it broke and was in need of a new life. Watch Repair restored it to perfection and returned it as beautiful and functional as the day I bought it. Great to know that leap of faith in surrendering it for repair was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thorough, professional, and caring in our communication and end result. Please forward my best wishes and sincere appreciation to the staff that did an outstanding job ! If ever I have an issue, I know who can restore the smile and relieve the fear or loss of my sidekick. Watch Repair is Great ! Thank You !!!!!

Michael Martin
Tyler, TX
August, 2019

Once again my Rolex has been serviced by watchrepair.net. You say once again, they did an excellent service the first time so I sent it to them a second time. What better review can I give. Jeff and Marc excellent service excellent, excellent communications and once again my Rolex is in pristine condition.
Your Customer an Friend
Patrick Totaro

Patrick Totaro
Tom's River, NJ
August, 2019

My Datajust Rolex stopped and the winding gear apparently didn’t work. My wife did some research and found this website with positive reviews. As a retired homebuilder, my career was one of constant risks and I correctly assumed these guys were OK. I spoke with Jeff, who explained their program, and I sent my watch. Jeff called with what was needed for repair and the associated costs which I approved. A couple of weeks later, Jeff contacted me to affirm my mailing address an the watch appeared a few days later. It work perfectly, shines brightly, and I am completely satisfied. I certainly recommend them based upon my personal experience.

Gene Hahn
Atlanta, GA
August, 2019

Watch is as new keeps excellent time

Christoph Weigt
Anniston, AL
August, 2019

I had problems with my Rolex and was looking as to where to take it. My wife one day came to me and told me she had found a place in Miami. I was skeptical since I had never heard about Mark at this company. We took a chance and send it to him with a kind of unease about it. I have to add talking to him a few times on the phone gave me some ease. I was told it takes a curtain time and once he had my watch, looked it over and gave me a call back and told what was going to be done and a time of how long it would take. Right on time was my watch completed, he send it back to me and now came the surprise. My watch looked like it just came from a showroom. All was well and all I can say a job well done. I can only recommend Mark with all honesty and say I am more than satisfied. They did exactly as promised and I am extremely happy.

Klaus Klosterman
Bonita Springs, FL
August, 2019

I have great confidence in these guys. They are truly lovers and collectors of watches and are helpful to offer insight into a variety of watches. Trust them with their skills and business ethics.

They keep you informed every step of the way and stand by their guarantees.

Dave Austell
Spartanburg, SC
August, 2019

I sent my 49 year old Omega Speedmaster to Mark and Jeff for repair and was very pleased with every part of the process. Jeff called me with an estimate and turn around time and everything was right on time. I could not be more pleased with the work they did and to have my old friend back and running like new again. Great people to work with. Thanks to all of you for a great job.

Jim Caldwell
Duncan, SC
August, 2019

I’m so happy!
This is to let you know I received my Breitling watch back from you as you promised in “as new” condition. The broken part was fixed and the watch looks, and works as good as the day I purchased it. Your service is great and friendly.
I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends .
Thanks again for the excellent work.

Olivier Defernez
San Diego, CA
August, 2019

I found this firm when looking for an alternative repair facility that did not require me to battle the traffic and lack of parking in nearby Portland. I was pleasantly surprised by their professional actions from sending a secure container to send the watch to them and the quality of the repairs. I would recommend them highly.

Toby Warson
Camas, WA
August, 2019
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