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Watch Repair Reviews

I am very pleased with the work performed by WatchRepair for my wife’s Rolex, as well as my Rolex. Both have been returned looking as good as they were when purchased new. The wear and tear over the decades from a mechanical standpoint, have been rectified. I recommend them to anyone looking for a qualified Rolex repair company….

Patrick Pendley
Plaquemine, louisiana
July, 2018

Mailed my watch to Miami with instructions from them, they called me with needed repairs. When repaired, they sent it back UPS delivered in two days with signature required. Great people to deal with. Pleasant experience!!

John Burchfield
Scottsdale, Arizona
May, 2018

I was stunned when I opened the package and saw my almost 20 year old Tag Heuer watch! It looked brand new and has been working beautifully. You guys did an outstanding job. The service was fast, easy and delivered what was promised and then some. I highly recommend your services (already showing my watch off and praising your company). Thank you for giving me back my watch like new!

Carol Renkas
West Islip, NY
May, 2018

I have owned my Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch since 1977. All those years I had it maintained by several different Rolex watch repairmen on mainland U.S.
After my retirement in Pennsylvania, I returned to my home in Hawaii and since then, I have used Jeff’s watch repair service where I can be assured of efficiency and , trustworthiness.

Harry Correa
Mountain View, Hawaii
May, 2018

The repair work on my wife’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch was performed as promised and timely. I was kept informed of the work as it progressed. In fact, I am arranging to send my Rolex President in for general maintenance.

Patrick Pendley
Plaquemine, Louisiana
May, 2018

This is the second time I have availed myself of the expertise of "WatchRepair.net." The first time, about 3 years ago, was with my Rolex DateJust and now with my Omega Seamaster Professional. Both times the experience was one that would cause me to return with any other watch. They both continue to operate perfectly as if they were brand new. Should anyone have a prized watch in need of repair or simple servicing I would not hesitate to recommend they contact WatchRepair.net. They would be totally satisfied.

Thomas Lee
Boerne, TX
June, 2018

I just received my Rolex back from Steve and Veronica and cannot believe how pleasant it was to do business with Watchrepair.com. i was a bit reluctant to send my watch to Florida via UPS to someone I found on the internet. What could possibly go wrong?

I need not have worried. Steve and his team were extremely communicative every step of the way via phone and email with my options and the scope and cost of repair.

My watch was back to me within a month and looks and runs like brand new. Great experience. 5 stars.

Chris Blattner
Portland, OR
June, 2018

I was hesitant to send my Fathers watch
They made the process very easy
They got to the core of my wTch problems
And made an excellent repair and overhaul
I was stunned when I Received my wTch
I’m afraid to wear it now. It should be in a museum it’s very sharp
Now I can pass this lovely timepiece to my son
I’ll definitely be sending watchrepair.net another
Of my fathers watch to be overhauled
Worth the money

Terry M
New York
May, 2018

My Breitling Colt Chronometer looks brand new! The exceptional customer service and transparent pricing is far above other watch repair companies. I will definitely use Jeff and his amazing staff again.

Charles Goodbee
Atlanta, GA
June, 2018

Initially, I was very nervous when doing business with someone I knew nothing about, but after making a couple of calls some of my anxiety subsided. When my shipping container arrived I could not believe the care being taken so my Rolex Datejust would not be damaged in shipping. To me it would have taken a sledge hammer and anvil to damage. The estimate and time to repair my watch were as quoted. I will not hesitate to use WatchRepair.net again in the future.

Don Parsons
Red Level, AL
June, 2018

I am very pleased the way you handled my Rolex, All my phone calls were handled very professionally. I’m very pleased with the time It took to get my Rolex completed. I have recommended WatchRepair.net to all my friends. Thanks for a job well done.

Gene Romero
Colorado Springs Co,
May, 2018

I purchased a used Rolex Daytona about two years ago. It was not keeping the best time but I dealt with it. I always had my Rolex watches serviced at an authorize dealer. I decided to use watch repair. I talked with Jeff the owner and I felt very confident in his company. Everything that was promised I received. Thank you

Larry Greenberg
Columbus, OH
July, 2018

Water had infiltrated my Brietling Aviator and it had stopped running. Jeff’s team did a marvelous job of repairing. He also refurbished it to the point it looks like a new watch. This is the second time Jeff and his team have worked on one of my Breitlings and their work is always outstanding.

Bryce Grefe
Weymouth, MA
June, 2018

I just completed a service with WatchRepair.net and I have been more than impressed with their level of professionalism and service. I have to admit I was hesitant at first, unsure of what to expect when I first made contact with Jeff about a full service on my Panerai. Well right from the start he answered all my questions, was very knowledgeable and friendly, and to find out they have an account with Panerai which made ordering parts a snap was just icing on the cake. Then I received their watch repair shipping kit and I knew I was dealing with a top notch operation, it made packing and shipping my watch simple and worry-free. After they received the watch Jeff contacted me to go over his recommendations of the work and parts that were needed, and after I gave the go ahead, the work went pretty much according to the time estimate he gave me. When I opened the return box with my watch in it I was floored by how pristine it looked!!! It was like brand new all the scratches and dings were gone and everything was polished and gleaming like it had just come out of the Panerai factory! It runs smooth and accurate as expected, and the 1 year warranty on the work just adds to the peace of mind, knowing that WatchRepair stands behind their work. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend WatchRepair.net to anyone looking for a trustworthy and fair watch repair company. And I will look forward to using them again in the future for my other timepieces.

Mario Sciacca
Fort Myers, FL
June, 2018

This is the second time that my 1970s Rolex GMT-Master has been serviced by Jeff’s company. This experience was no different than before. Unbelievable service. Was contacted by Jeff as promised every step of the process so I always knew what was going on and what to expect. Everything I was told and I agreed to happened in a very prompt manner. There are no hidden fees etc.. What you are promised and agreed to happened and along with a great price why look elsewhere. My local authorized Rolex repair facility quoted me for same work-regular 5 year service almost 3 times what I paid WatchRepair.net as did the authorized Rolex repair facility in Melbourne, Australia while I was there for an extended period in Feb/Mar 2018. Jeff knows about customer service and treating people as they want to be treated so he has a lot of repeat business. Do not be put off using Jeff’s company as is not located where you live. Go with the best!!!! Jeff and staff keep up the great work. Will be contacting you as needed to care for my vintage Rolex. Continued business success.

Rod Broome
Minnetonka, MN
June, 2018

My Omega Seamaster 50th Anniversary watch was returned on time and in absolutely brand new condition. Even the bracelet was in new condition with brushed and polished sections done to perfection–no easy task as I have worn and used this watch for 20 years. Even the results of the pressure test were included. Jeff, the owner was an absolute Gentleman to work with, communicated every step of the way and delivered on time as promised. Highly Recommended!

Mike Rhinehart
Jamestown, North Dakota
May, 2018

Imagine sending in a 20 year old Rolex and getting back what looks like a brand new watch.
Great service, flawless workmanship and so easy to do. Would use Jeff’s service again and would recommend him to anyone.

Greg Burnside
Edmonds, WA
June, 2018

I am so pleased with the servicing of my 35 year old Oyster Perpetual Ladies Rolex. I would not hesitate to recommend Watchrepair net’s company to anyone. My watch came back to me keeping perfect time and looking better than new.

Angela Trotman
Venice, FL
May, 2018

Wow! My 15 year old Panerai PAM162 came back looking and functioning like new. The entire process was a breeze. I can’t imagine sending my watches anywhere else if they need repair.

Thank you!

Michael Uskovich
Dallas, Texas
May, 2018

I am soooo happy the work you have done to my watch . and i will suggest any one who needs to repair their watch again thank you very much jeff you guys are expert pro,

ken patel

Ken Patel
Ridgeland, SC
May, 2018
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