October, 2020A vault was sent for watch shipment. I was notified when watch was received. I was called with an explanation of needed work. Watch was returned with GPS tracking device in package. Watch looks great and runs accurately. The process went exactly as advertised. Minor complaint, the first person I spoke to said I could waive insurance since the watch is covered on home owners insurance. Next person said no. This would not prevent me from recommending or using WatchRepair if I needed watch repair.
R D Endres, Greenville, NC
October, 2020My repaired and refurbished Omega Constellation watch arrived. I am thrilled with the work Marc and his team did. The watch looks like new and runs perfectly. I would highly recommend them. The entire process was handled efficiently and professionally and they met all my expectations. Even my husband was impressed since he initially had expressed concerns about doing this type of business over the internet.
Carolyn Parker, Paris, TN
October, 2020My 5513 Submariner has been on my wrist since July of 1967. That's 53 years. It's been on every continent except Antarctica. It's been 150 feet down in the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Upon returning to the US with me after 15 years away, it needed some TLC. Living in a very suburban corner of Central Florida a certified Rolex repair facility was hard to find, so I began crawling the Internet and found WatchRepair.net.. Lots of good things said, no bad things said. I filled out a contact form, which was immediately replied to, then a short phone call to discuss specifics and I soon found a very sturdy Pelican case (I've used Pelican cases for my cameras and gear for years) complete with a GPS tracker and a pre-paid shipper. I bundled my dear friend in the precision cut, high density foam inside the case, affixed the tamper detection seal to the case, stuffed it into the prepaid shipper and off it went. I soon received a call in which we discussed what needed to be done and the cost. Exactly 20 days later, after receiving a call that my watch was on the way, and then a text with tracking information, the watch appeared at my door, encased in high density foam complete with the test readouts (in German, very official) of the atmospherics performed on the watch, plus a prepaid envelope to return the GPS tracker that shipped with the watch. And the watch is as beautiful as it was that summer afternoon in Groton, Connecticut when I first opened that beautiful green box (I still have it) to look at my lifetime companion. I want to thank Jeff Herman and Marc Imberman for the incredibly professional yet friendly and informative way they conduct their business. I'm sure this 5513 Meters First Submariner will eventually find its way back to them (or their heirs), as my son and I have an agreement that when the watch is 100 years old it will be overhauled one last time and then retired.
Mel Zelniker, Lecanto, FL
October, 2020WatchRepair has been great. I have had my Rolex for 35 years. I have had it serviced about 5 times but never as good a job as WatchRepair. It was looking kind of sad and actually stopped running. I felt very comfortable shipping my Rolex to WatchRepair, their security was first class. Anyway, I got my watch back and it looks and runs like new. I would definitely recommend WatchRepair to anyone needed repair done by a master.. Thank you!
David White, Santa Ana, CA
October, 2020I have a Rolex GMT Master that my father gave me. It is from 1966. It was in need of a complete overhaul. Even the crown and stem were missing. I was doing some research online and found out about Watchrepair.net. I contacted them and talked to Jeff. I can tell you that the service was amazing!!!!. The watch was restored perfectly. I will be sending Jeff and Marc all my watches in the future for all the repair or maintenance needs. The shipping back and forth was very amazing and they even use a GPS tracking device so you can see where the watch is at all times. Super!!!! Thanks again Jeff and Marc and all the staff and Master Watchmakers.
Juan Aragon, Dallas, GA
October, 2020Very well organized and professional service. My Breitling Aerospace came back looking good and keeping time. As far as the quality of the repair, only time will tell.
John Woods, St. Petersburg, FL
October, 2020Just got my watch back. It looks brand new. It took a little longer than I had expected but was worth the wait. We will definitely use them again.
Bob Kade, Vero Beach, FL
October, 2020I am very pleased with the service I received in repairing/restoring my 42 year old Omega Speedmaster. I found WatchRepair.net online and noted all the positive reports from their customers. I checked with a few and they confirmed the excellent quality of the service. I contacted them to see what my options were. They responded immediately, I was able to call and discuss the service of my Omega, all my questions were answered in detail. I felt very comfortable letting them service my watch. I sent them the watch for an evaluation. They have very extensive tracking procedures in place to monitor where watches in transit are at all times. I received a call once they had looked at my watch and we discussed my options. Again, all my questions were answered. We settled on what needed to be done and the price. The repairs were done when and at the price they said it would be. If you have them service your watch you can be sure it will be in caring and professional hands.
Michael Minehan, Palm Desert, CA
October, 2020I would like to thank Jeff and Marc at watchrepair for their timely repair of my rolex datejust watch. They were professional and though. They were honest in their repair estimates and their prices for repairs to my watch were very reasonable. They kept me informed at each level of repair. I am very pleased with the service I received from them. They are professionals. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Actually, I have already refered my brother to them for repair of his rolex. Thanks again Tom Kilgore
Tom Kilgore, Wytheville, VA
October, 2020I found WatchRepair by accident and after speaking with their office I felt immediately comfortable with trusting them with my valuable Breitling Chronomat which was in need of an overhaul. They guided me through packing the watch and getting it to a local UPS store to ship to them. I called once or twice and received periodic updates as to progress and after about 4 weeks my watch was delivered. It looks as good as the day I purchased it and all repair issues have been cared for. I am very happy to have found them, although accidently, and highly recommend them for repair of your prized time pieces.
Robert Moss, Granby, CT
October, 2020This is the second Rolex Submariner I had serviced. They did such great with my Gold/ss Sub, there was no doubt I would send my ss Sub for service. Very fast and watch came back looking the way it did in 1984.
Billy McCafferty, Steubenville, OH
October, 2020WatchRepair.net. Exceeded my expectations and advised of servicing concerns in a timely manner. The transit precautions were outstanding.
Vic McDowell, Vancouver, WA
October, 2020Working with WatchRepair.net has been a pleasure. I was very pleased with the service and communication concerning my Rolex. You guys did an AWESOME job.
Ellie Huff, Tacoma, WA
October, 2020My parents gave me a Omega Constellation Accutron watch when I graduated from college in 1976. Several years ago I discovered internal damage that prevented the watch from working. As a hobby I have over thirty watches so you may understand I have a local relationship with a watchmaker. He advised how difficult it was going to be finding somebody with the skill and parts to repair my Omega. I continued to look but started thinking it was not going to be repaired. Cruising the internet I found WatchRepair.net and contacted Jeff. From the beginning Jeff relaxed my concern of sending this watch off in the mail somewhere. Jeff understood my hesitation sending the watch away to somebody I found over the internet. Still not sure I thought about sending the watch for several weeks. Finally I sent the watch and these guys communicated status throughout the process, I've had the watch back about three weeks and wear it everyday. WatchRepair understood how much I love this watch and treated it like it was theirs. I couldn't be more pleased with the service and repair. If you find yourself needing a service or repair for that special watch consider using WatchRepair. All I can say is when my Rolex and Omega Seamaster requires service I hope to have WatchRepair provide this service.
David K Mitchell, Richmond, VA
October, 2020I entrusted them with my Breitling Aerospace. Repairing it was quite complicated and I know they took a loss in. making it work properly.. Not too many companies that would stand behind their services to that degree. Would highly recommend them.
Ron Bruder, New York, NY
October, 2020Excellent experience and I will do business with WatchRepair.net again. It seemed a bit of a leap of faith to just sent off my Rolex, trust that the work would be properly done and that the watch would find its way back to me. But everything went smoothly.
Jeff Sykes, Oakland, CA
October, 2020I wanted to let you know I am very happy with the service l received. A skilled craftsman is hard to find nowadays so l felt the price you charged was a bargain.
Bill Hanson, Newton, AL
October, 2020Terrific service. I particularly liked their tracking method for both sending and receiving back my watch. The work was top-notch and my Breitling watch looks good as new.
Jac Jacobsen, Hamilton, MT
October, 2020Hesitant to trust an online watch service. Well, that was dashed to bits! My 1970's root beer GMT Master works after 18 years in the box. I'm delighted! Watch refurbed and it looks great. Kept the outsides true to it's 50-ish year old look with only a gentle cleaning and polishing. Shipping easy, straight forward. Safe! Diagnosed with costs b4 work performed via my authorization. And, great communication. So, in short, FABO !!! Big thanks to Jeff and staff.
Bruce Koontz, Olathe, KS
October, 2020Just a few words. I own two Breitling Chronomat Vitesse timepieces, both are over 24 years old. The first is worn daily and the second is stored and only worn on special occasions. The first had not been cleaned or overhauled in twelve years and certainly needed attention. WatchRepair.Net was recommended to me by friends, with great comments. However like so many of us, I was hesitant to release or send my watch off to anyone I really did not know. After doing my due diligence, including multiple questioning phone calls to WatchRepair, I chose them to repair, overhaul and refurbish my watch. When the watch was returned to me it honestly looked NEW, without exaggeration simple NEW. I will be sending both my wife and daughters Raymond Weil Parsifal watches the same services. Pro's: a) estimated refurbishing costs are provided before work is started and adhered too. b) both Marc Imberman and Jeff Herman were very easy to work with, knowledgeable, skilled, and expressed total concern for their handling of your watches. c) a Tracking Device was provides and used during all shipping of the watches. d) a number of tests are completed after refurbishing. Con's: a) a bit expensive, but well worth the cost.
Scott Salter, Stirling Heights, MI

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