Watch Repair Reviews
Thank you so much for taking care and repair of my Omega watch. It looks brand new when i opened the box. you did a good workmanship. your pleasant and friendly tone over the phone drives me to entrust my stuff to you to which i never regretted. In the future, your watch repair is highly recommended to all my families and friend based on this experience.
Juanito Almendras
8231 Lancia Avenue, Las Vegas, Nv 89117
June 2017
My Rolex hasn't looked or run as well since I bought it. Many thanks for your fine work.
Ed Cowen
New Rochelle, N.Y.
June 2017
Delighted with the quality of work and the service from Jeff on my Speedmaster (reduced). Good communication throughout the process. Slight mis-calibration on watch's initial return that was remedied immediately without additional cost to me. Plan on using Jeff for all future watch service needs. Highly recommended.
Jay Wills
Little Rock, AR
May 2017
This is the second time I have used Watchrepair.net to service my Omega Constellation watch. My Omega watch comes back looking like new and their service is exceptional Thank You...Jeff and Robin
Carol LeBlanc
Magnetos Key, Florida
May 2017
Have used local jewelers to overhaul/repair my Omega watch in the past. When it started loosing a little time each day after only a year or so since the last service, I thought I'd look elsewhere. Found WatchRepair.net online and decided to try them. I was pleased with the service - much faster turnaround than my local jeweler, and now my 18 year-old Omega Speedmaster watch looks like new.
Bob Moeller
Williamsburg, VA
May 2017
I was initially a little worried about entrusting my 33 year old vintage Rolex to a stranger I found on the internet but now that several months have passed since I have received it back, I could not be happier or more satisfied. It runs perfectly and looks as good as it did 33 years ago when it was new. It could not have come out better.
Stephen Roney
Dallas, TX
May 2017
Wow! Got my OMEGA Seamaster back from WatchRepair.net two days ago and I'm very pleased! I waited a couple days to check the accuracy and it's good. The watch case and bracelet are just like new! The polished parts are polished, the brushed parts are brushed. Stunning! I couldn't be more pleased!
Jay Jaworski
Columbus, MT.
May 2017
I have a 30 year old Rolex President Day / Date that had never been serviced before now. After 30 years, it finally quit on me. I was initially very hesitant to send it off to someone I have not met in person but after having a nice conversation with the owner of WatchRepair.net...Jeff Herman, I decided to proceed. The entire process went smoothly and exceeded my expectations. The watch was overhauled and the mainspring was replaced. I am very pleased with the service and most importantly, my watch runs and looks better than new. Thanks Jeff
Barry Wise
Williamsburg, VA
May 2017
I'm very pleased with the service and repair of my Vintage Omega Speedmaster watch. It now looks and runs like it did back when it was brand new in 1969. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who has a Speedmaster watch that wants to restore it back to it's original condition.
Larry Turpin
Leavenworth, KS
May 2017
Working with Jeff and Robin was enjoyable. They are very professional and competent. My Rolex GMT Master was purchased in Hong Kong in 1969 while I was serving with the Marines in RVN. As you might imagine, I wouldn't allow just anyone to work on my watch. Jeff is someone who can definitely be trusted.
Pat Howard
Greenville, SC
May 2017
The watchmaker I have been using for many years was no longer in business so I did a search online and came across Watchrepair.net and Jeff Herman. When I contacted Jeff, he assured me that my 35 year old Rolex Submariner would be restored back to like new condition. The entire process took about a month and it was well worth the wait! As promised, my Rolex Submariner looked like a brand new watch. I will definitely being using this company again for all of my watch repair needs. The go above and beyond the call of duty! Semper Fi
Thomas Marich
Bellingham, WA
May 2017
Jeff and his team did a great job repairing my Rolex. Shipping was fast and secure and the quality of workmanship along with the thorough follow up was better than I would have received from any local Rolex dealer...I had checked with local Authorized Rolex dealers in my area and they all seemed more interested in selling me a new watch and less interested in repairing my watch. Jeff returned my repaired watch in great shape ... I have absolutely no complaints.
Alan Johnson
Colorado Springs, Colorado
May 2017
After looking online for a Rolex watch repair service, I contacted Jeff at WatchRepair.net and began discussing the problem I was having with a 43 year old Rolex. Jeff was very knowledgeable and responded promptly to my inquiries. I wound up sending the watch to them for a quote. The turnaround time was quicker than they indicated and the watch runs and looks like new! I did not have any issues with them during the process. I will definitely use their services again!
Tom Donham
New Orleans, LA
May 2017
On three occasions in the past, I left my Rolex with a Jeweler locally here in Fayetteville, NC for cleaning and servicing, to replace the cracked crystal and again for servicing. The last cleaning and servicing cost me hundreds of dollars and a week after, the watch stopped. Then I discovered the technician used non-genuine, generic (fake) parts. Then I went online and found WatchRepair.net & Jeff Herman. I looked at some of the reviews and when I called, I asked the young lady a "loaded" question about a Rolex Certified Technician. She immediately provided the correct answer and I knew I had found honest company! (She explained that Rolex does NOT certify watchmakers.) The process of sending my watch was explained in detail and throughout the process Jeff kept me apprised of everything. He promised to return my watch on a certain day and my watch arrived a day earlier that he promised. I am thoroughly satisfied and I have already recommended Jeff to some friends and co-workers who own expensive watches. I am another satisfied customer. Thanks Jeff. B. C., Fayetteville, NC
Bill Crisp
Fayetteville, NC
April 2017
I saw the ad for WatchRepair.net and service on my Facebook page. My Rolex Dajeust needed a good service and new crystal. The ad read "Send your watch on vacation". So I called Jeff Herman and asked him about having my Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch serviced. He gave me an estimate over the phone and sent me one of his WatchRepairPaks. I also decided it was time to look into selling my late Father's Vintage Gold GMT 1675. Jeff callrd me the day both watches arrived and confirmed the repair estimate on the Oyster Datejust and made me an offer to buy my Father's watch. The offer was considerably higher than what I thought the watch was worth.
Richard Remedio
Bear, DE
April 2017
Very forthright and honest. I got my Tag Heuer back from them in like new condition. keeps perfect time and theywere able to remove all the scratches. Great communication! A+ rating from me.
Chris Chapman
Maui, HI
April 2017
I loved working with the Watch Repair team! They were very professional and timely. I will definitely use this company again and again. Would highly recommend them for any watch repairs you need.
Barbara Parker
Conroe, Texas
April 2017
My Breitling Steelfish quit working last year on me and it had been sitting in my safe ever since. I started looking online for someone to overhaul it not long ago and came across watchrepair.net. I called and the owner jeff picked up the phone right away. He quickly got me a quote and i thought about it and decided to send it to him. I actually had an issue sending it because there was a fire in the ups warehouse where my watch was. I called and robin told me not to worry she would take care of it. 2 days later it arrived and they told me the main spring was broken and it needed an overhaul. I gave them the ok and they fixed it before scheduled and sent it back via ups overnight shipping! The watch looks brand new and i couldnt be happier. I have 2 other high end watches and they will be doing all my repair work from now on! my hats off to jeff and his whole staff. Thanks Stewart
Stewart Poovey
Greensboro nc
April 2017
I have had an Omega Speedmater moon watch since 1999 and it never gave me any trouble until last March. When I contacted watchrepair.net, the first thing I noticed was the excellent customer sevice. My watch was returned 3 weeks later with a new main spring and completely refinished case and bracelet. It looked brand new. It works perfectly. Thank you for the excellent service!! Regards, Ed Lacau Miami Lakes
Ed Lacau
Miami, FL
April 2017
I made the terrible mistake of trusting a local watchmaker in San Anotonio, Texas with my vintage Heuer 1000 dive watch. After waiting in excess of 3 years I demanded it back. Parts were missing. I had all but given up on my little treasure. I had bought it new when I was 18 years old. I was devastated. I looked on line one last time and came across the Watchrepair.net website. I emailed my problem. To my surprise I got a phone call back right away! The owner, Jeff Herman, answered all my questions. He sent me a Watch Repair Pack which I got 2 days later. I sent in my watch. Upon receipt of my Heuer, he confirmed the repair estimate. The repairs are flawless. I trusted the right people. People with integrity. Honest to the core. Of craftsmanship hard to find these days. Tears of joy. I got my little treasure back. Many many thanks. I will never forget what you have done for me.
Beverly Sakai
Austin, Texas
April 2017
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