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Very Popular Since The 19Th Century. At That Time, Electric Light And Luminous Dials And Hands Had Not Yet Been Invented. This Complication Sounds A Tone To Indicate The Hours By An Internal Mechanism. Very popular since the 19th century. At that time, electric light and luminous dials and hands had not yet been invented. This complication sounds a tone to indicate the hours by an internal mechanism. Various types of repeater designs have been made. 1) A minute repeater sounds a low tone for each hour, two tones for each quarter hour and one high tone for each minute after the quarter hour. 2) A quarter repeater sounds one low tone for the hours and a double (high tone followed by a low tone) for the quarters. 3) A five-minute repeater sounds a low tone for the hours and five minute intervals after the hour on a higher tone.


A timer or chronograph with a graduated dial or bezel which enables you to measure a vehicles speed per hour. The figure indicated by the tachometer scale graduation is calculated on the basis of one kilometer or one mile. This is done by measuring the time elapsed over a fixed distance.


A timer or chronograph with a graduated dial or bezel which enables you to measure distance by measuring the time elapsed at a fixed speed. I.E. The speed of sound.


Electronic procedure for fine tuning a high precision quartz watch. Periodically (every 8 minutes), adapt the moment of electrical impulse to the circumstances of the watches use, correcting the position of the hands and offering the user a degree of precision equivalent to or better than 10 seconds per year.


An indefinite medium in which life with all its changes goes on irreversibly, and events and phenomena occur.


French for “whirlwind”. The balance, pallet, and escape wheel are mounted in a rotating carriage which generally makes one rotation per minute. The purpose of the “tourbillon” is to average the errors in the vertical positions. Patented by Breguet on June 26, 1801.

True Solar Day

The length of time between two consecutive passages of the sun through the meridian at any given place.


Very high frequency sound waves, over 18,000 vibrations per second, traveling through a liquid in which parts are immersed for thorough cleaning.


Motion of balance from one position of maximum displacement to the next. (1/2 Oscillation)


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