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More than satisfied with the repair on my Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. It started with a nick in the crown and a drop onto a marble floor destroyed the entire face, I sent it to Jeff and it not only looks new, (plus 30 years old) but actually runs better than when new. I would recommend WatchRepair.net service to everyone with a quality watch that needs repair.
Michael Spain
Dowagiac, Michigan
October 2016
I have used WatchRepair.net several times to repair my Rolex Ladies Datejust. Jeff has been right up front with costs and time of repair. The watch is sent back and forth from your home to the shop in special containers; you never have a worry. I will use WatchRepair.net again when and if necessary. Thank you!
Bonnie McKenna
Houston, Texas
October 2016
I was very pleased with the service and the results on my Wife's Rolex Ladies Oyster Perpetual Datejust
Kobby Kobbermann
Springfield, MO
October 2016
I have had my Rolex serviced by WatchRepair.net twice. I was a little nervous the first time until I received the excellent, sturdy packaging for my watch to be sent to them.They knew what they were doing. My watch was returned to me in excellent condition and looking like new. I just got my watch back from the second servicing, 6 years after the first, and it has never looked better. Jeff and Robin are a pleasure to work with.
Carol Ravikoff
Coconut Grove, Florida
October 2016
I don't wear my Omega Seamaster watch daily so not surprised it had stopped when I put it on. What did surprise me was the complete mechanism was locked solid. I started looking for someplace that worked on Omega's and decided to give Mr. Herman a call which resulted in sending my watch for evaluation. Of course there were some parts that needed replacing and decided while it was being disassembled to have a total refurb and Oh My Gosh ! , I have a new watch or at least it would pass for new without question. Great job, looks better than when I sent my Rolex off a couple of years back and it didn't look near this good when it was returned. Very satisfied would recommend and would definitely use again. Ed
Edward Small
Alexandria, LA
October 2016
I, like others, was a little hesitant to send my Rolex Submariner off to someone I had never met. It had spent most of its life in the original box. The main spring had broken. Pricing the repair price from Jeff and then Rolex service turned me into a gambler. It was a win for me. Jeff's price was about half of what the Rolex dealer estimated. The watch came back looking like brand new and running. Turn around was about a week less than quoted. There are some good deals out there, this appears to be one of the best ones I have made this year.
Bill Stephens
Peoria, IL
September 2016
I have been working with Jeff at WatchRepair.net for several years. I have given him a wide range of pieces to work on from vintage to modern and the watches always come back lookin and working great. This time I sent him both my Rolex Datejust along with my Wife's Datejust, and both came back in just a few weeks looking brand new!
Mark Fischman
York, PA
September 2016
I couldn't be happier with the service on our two Rolex's. My wife watch hasn't been worn in about 3 years, so it was really good to get it done. They literally look brand new, so happy with the results.
Patrick Turner
Blanco, Texas
September 2016
Very thorough and professional. Kept me in the loop throughout. Packaging was very safe. My wife's Rolex Ladies Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch came back better looking than when I first bought it.
Andrew Powell
Gladwyne ,PA
September 2016
I sent my Rolex Submariner to WatchRepair.net and was very happy with the results. Sending my watch to a stranger was hard but Jeff made me feel like I could trust him. He answered his phone every time I called to check on the progress. The watch was repaired and shipped back in the time he told me it would be. Thanks again Jeff, job well done.
Dale Ronzani
Beaver Dam, WI
August 2016
Best damn service I've ever used for watch service! They were straight up front with their pricing and what they will do and very professional. I have already recommended them to some friends and clients of mine. Great people, keep up the good work
Herb McDaniels
Bakersfield, CA
August 2016
I located Watchrepair.net initially through an internet search on Google. After speaking with Jeff, the owner about repairs needed to my Lafitte watch (which no one else was willing to help me with) Jeff sent me a protective container (WatchRepairPak) and return label for me to send my watch to him for repair. Jeff contacted me by phone upon his receipt and also sent me a confirming email with a quoted cost for the repair and the possible turn around time. Jeff returned my repaired watch to me earlier than expected and the final cost was under his original quote. I would highly recommend Jeff and his company Watchrepair.net as first class in customer service and trustworthiness.
Richard Love
palm City Florida
August 2016
First I have to say I was a little hesitant about finding a service on line to repair and service my Rolex Submariner. After reviewing WatchRepair.net testimonials and talking with Jeff to have his process explained I gained a comfort level that led me to use his services. The transfer process, packing and communications were excellent. My abused watch was returned looking nearly new. It has keepty perfect time since it's return. I am truely satisfied that ther services wwere top flight and I will be sending my wife's watch for service soon
Ron Olson
Fort Myers, Florida
August 2016
I have been using WatchRepair.net for over five years now. Jeff Herman is a true professional who will service your timepiece to the exacting standards required by manufacturers, while delivering significant savings from the prices charged by local jewelry stores and/or watch repair shops. WatchRepair.net is always my first and only choice when it comes to servicing my Breitling watches!
Sixto Ortiz
Houston, TX
August 2016
Watch repaired and overhaul done on Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust. Everything went smoothly as promised. Very pleased.
Joe Adams
Houston, TX
August 2016
Jeff and the staff at Watchrepair.net were a pleasure to deal with. My 30+ year old Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch came back looking like new and running as good as ever!!!
Rob Kerning
August 2016
Watchrepair.net has done an outstanding job on fixing my Rolex GMT-Master watch. Thank you for your fine work.
Albert Sciulli
Portland, OR
August 2016
I have owned my Rolex GMT-Master since 1985 and needed an overhaul and repair. I found watchrepair.net while surfing the net and decided to call them. They provided friendly customer service over the phone and sent me a package of instructions within a week. Once I shipped my Rolex to them, two days later I received an e-mail confirming that they received it. They had my watch for over a month and a half and had it shipped right back to me. I am highly satisfied with the workmanship on my Rolex. They did a fabulous job as my Rolex looks brand new and is working perfectly. I’m so glad I found this company and took a leap of faith. Jeff Herman provided me with several phone numbers in case I had any questions.
Alfredo Alcazar
Jacksonville, Florida
July 2016
I found WatchRepair.net through an internet search while trying to find a service center for my Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust; the stem had pulled out of the watch after 25 years of almost daily wear and no service. My watch had been a work horse for me up to the point of failure. I submitted a request for an estimate and was promptly contacted by Jeff Herman. I explained the situation and got an estimate right away. After receiving the shipping package from Jeff, I reluctantly packed my Rolex up to send it to a guy I had never heard of until a couple days before. My wife and daughter quizzing me about my state of mind for doing such a thing didn't help my feelings any. True enough, I was somewhat nervous myself when the turn-around time went a little long (I forgot to tell my wife and daughter about that); but I did receive my watch, it was perfectly repaired, cleaned, and it arrived packaged in the WatchRepair.net version of a bank vault! Based on my experience with WatchRepair.net and Jeff Herman, I can, without hesitation, recommend Jeff Herman and WatchRepair.net for your timepiece servicing and repair needs; very satisfied.
James McCrummen
Enterprise, AL
July 2016
Just had my thirty year Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust overhauled and repaired by Jeff and his team. Although, I was a little bit nervous about the cross country shipping, Jeff answered my questions and concerns and set me at ease. I received the watch expediently and it looks and operates like a brand new watch. Now, I am proud to give it to my son to wear and enjoy. WatchRepair.net exceeded my expectations!
Chuck Webber
Lawton Oklahoma
July 2016
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