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After finding Watch Repair.net and speaking with Jeff Herman, I felt very comfortable shipping our 40 year old Rolex for service. He is very personable on the phone and assured me that I would receive great service and genuine parts. My father was a horologist and serviced many watches over the years before he died. Finding the perfect substitute for him with this watch was very important to me. The watch looks "brand new" and hopefully will run as good as it looks. I have no doubt that Jeff will stand behind his work if there are any problems.
Loretta Quigley
Centreville, MD
January 2017
Hi Jeff, Just a quick note to thank you for repairing my vintage Omega Constellation. It was delivered ahead of schedule,and looked great .I have sent it for service before to a "reputable" shop and was very disappointed. They used aftermarket parts,I wasn't happy. I must admit that I was hesitant to send my watch to some company I found on line, but I'm glad I did. I'll sending my other watches when they need service. Sincerely Mike Scalisi
Mike Scalisi
Weymouth, MA
January 2017
I have owned this Rolex since new in 1987 and have had it serviced by Rolex New York several times. This time I chose to send it to Watch Repair.net for service. It was returned in better condition than it ever was by Rolex New York and in a much shorter time. The reconditioning is as close to like new as can be done and is keeping time better than ever. Thank you Jeff.
Paul A. Lindke
South Fork, Colorado
December 2016
Just a note to be supportive about my dealing with Watch Repair. Everything was done as promised, communications were great, and I'm a satisfied customer. Jeff Herman is on the ball!
Clark Kingery
Hockessin, DE
December 2016
Jeff, received my Rolex from my company after twenty five years of service. It needed repair. Found you online, and sent the watch to you can't believe the fantastic job you did on my piece it looks new again. Thanks Bob
Bob Wintle
Bakersfield CA
December 2016
My 1989 Rolex Submariner was serviced for the first time by WatchRepair.net, it was worn every day from Christmas ’89 to about three years ago. From that day on it was on a watch winder and keep running. The reason for servicing was the bezel became bi-directional and time keeping was about 30 seconds fast a day. The SUB was dirty but had no scares from continuous wear, I wore it doing everything, and it was never babied. I decided to get it serviced and investigated my options. An authorized Rolex jeweler said they charge $1000 to look at it and then extra if anything needed to be replaced. I confirmed this with friends that had Rolex service their watches and they had $1000 plus charges with months wait to get their watches back. They all said the service was great but way too much to get a watch serviced for watches that worked. I looked for another way to go. I found WatchRepair.net and their $449 special on Rolex’s. I called the president, Jeff and he actually answered the phone and he answered the phone every time I called. He confirmed the $449 deal that the SUB would be cleaned, serviced, polished and regulated and would send a mailing package to start the process. I was very impressed with the Mailing package; very secure with easy to follow instruction. I had it insured for $6000 (about $50 extra on me) and sent it to Jeff. He received it and told me that there would be a need for a main spring to be replaced ($100) and I gave the OK. I also informed him that polishing was not required because I wanted to keep the scratches I put on the watch to remain. The $449 bloomed to around $600, well below what would have been expected from Rolex. So from November 1 to December 14, my SUB was in Jeff’s hands. I received my watch back five days ago and it is cleaned but not polished (my request), the uni-directional bezel works as it should, and the time so far is about three seconds fast a day. I am very satisfied with the service and the “Customer Service” that Jeff provided on my SUB. I will recommend WatchRepair.net to friends and relatives.
Thom Yarbrough
Bethlehem, PA
December 2016
When my 43 year old Rolex datejust needed repair and refurbishing, I found Jeff Herman's WatchRepair.net and took a chance. He promised it would be back to me in a month, but it was back on my arm in closer to two weeks. Over the years, I have been rough on my watch, and it had the scars to prove it, but now it looks like new and, most important, it runs like new as well. Thanks, Jeff. I'll try to take better care of it over the next 43 years!
John Fry
Duluth, Georgia
December 2016
This is the second time WatchRepair.net (Jeff Herman) has worked on my vintage Rolex watch. I didn't even realize it was considered to be a valuable 'vintage' Rolex until the first time Jeff fixed the watch. He told me that my watch was a 1960's Red Submariner that was worth over $10,000. Until that time, I just thought it was an old broken watch. Once again, he has restored my watch to new! It is beautiful.
Scott Kelley
Chapel Hill, NC
December 2016
I would like to thank Jeff Herman and his outstanding group who fixed my 55 year old Rolex GM - Master watch. I have never had as well an excellent repair as Jeff's company. I was amazed with the beauty of the work and the quick return of the watch. It is superb and I was extremely pleased to find this Watch Clinic in Miami, FL. I will always return the watch for care with this company in the future. I would tell anyone to try this Clinic and they would be very happy with the results.
Jeff Herman
Fairfax, VA
December 2016
I have had my Sea Dweller serviced by Rolex in past and satisfied with their service until I used Jeff. My rolex is my daily wearer and I am hard on it so it was looking old and beat up and missing the bezel. After talking to Jeff I decided to use versus Rolex service. Not only was done before promised date it looks brand new! I can't recommend Jeff enough. BTW When rolex serviced it 2 years ago (yes only two years ago) the time ran incorrect. Give Jeff a try. They are accurate and honest.
Bryan Shanahan
Flagstaff, AZ
December 2016
I first used Jeff's service in 2012 to service my no-date submariner that I purchased in Feb, 1975. I was for many years a professional oilfield diver and worked all over the world including the North Sea. My submariner went where I went and became a fixture on my left wrist. My max exposure was a 30-day saturation dive to 760 ft. My trusty Rolex came with me. Now I am sending it to Jeff for the second time for a clean and oil change.
Mike Allen
Venice Florida
December 2016
When the only thing you can make a decision on is a man's reputation and reviews, trust me when I tell you that Jeff Herman is the real deal. Apprehensive at first, of course, but when my watch came back, it was just like I just bought it from my jeweler. I was amazed and pleased beyond measure. To Jeff and his staff, I am a customer for life. Thanks again!!!
Michael Kern
Baton Rouge, LA
December 2016
After 19 years of running perfectly, my Rolex needed its first repair/cleaning!! Very professional company and individual help with the process. As I may not be around for the next cleaning, I have left instructions for my son to use WatchRepair.net and to call Jeff first(OK Jeff?)........Thanks for all your help......Pete
Peter Metro
Placida, FL
November 2016
I was hesitant and a bit skeptical about sending my 50 year old Omega Speedmaster to a guy named Jeff in Miami. But send it I did and also glad I did. Jeff kept me informed throughout the repair process, told me exactly what was wrong with my watch and how it would be repaired and restored. It's just been returned and I' think it looks great and runs great. I'm glad I did it and will not hesitate to send other repairs to WatchRepair.net. Thanks guys.
Ken Licata
Scotch Plains, NJ
November 2016
I sent my watch to Jeff Herman at WATCH REPAIR.net several years ago for a cleaning and a small repair. The repairs were done in a timely manner and a very reasonable price (after all it is a Rolex). This time I lost the bezel assembly (?) due to the recoil of my large caliber handgun sighting in for whitetail deer season here in Georgia. The work done by Mr. Herman and staff and attention to detail is Ne Plus Ultra. They also kept me informed with timely messages and phone calls to let me known where the repair process was and when I could expect my watch back. The work done is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you just need a regular cleaning or your watch needs repairs send it to Jeff Herman at WatchRepair.net for the absolute most top notch service and customer care one comes to expect when you own a high-end watch. Jeff you got my business forever!
Randy Hallman
Douglasville, Ga
November 2016
I couldn't be happier. I just wanted to feel good about running my Breitling Chronomat, it hadn't been serviced in a decade. What I got was a watch that absolutely looks new. I have no idea how they refinished the brushed stainless parts but it is absolutely perfect. My watch turned out better than I hoped. Thanks for great service
Scott Hunter
San Diego, CA
November 2016
Watch repair.net did a great job on my Rolex. got it back when they said I would. It looks brand new. It was beat up and didn't work worth a damn when I sent it to them. Thanks jeff I will use you again.
Robert Booth
Oregon City, Oregon
November 2016
I have waited for a week or two to write this. I wanted to make sure my Rolex's time was correct. I have had this watch for 27 years and no one, except Rolex, was able to get the watch to run correctly. I was very nervous about this and I am SO happy that the time is running perfectly!! I am very happy. The repair was done perfectly and I highly recommend them. I was, also, very impressed with their shipping method. They were extremely careful with the watch shipping it to an from their shop. Jeff is very personable and helpful. I had a great experience and will definitely use them again and recommend them to friends.
Sally O'Neil
Smyrna, DE
October 2016
Found Jeff thru an Internet search, Spoke with him and made up my mind that he was a Businessman, and that he knew my pair of watch's and I was comfortable sending them to him for repair. I have not regretted that decision, his firm completed the work to my satisfaction. I did have a minor problem with one of the watch's, sent it back and he fixed it and sent it back working fine all done on his offered 12 month Warranty. I certainly would recommend him!!
Leo Leonard
Wilmington, N.C.
October 2016
My Seamaster was in need of service but the last time it required maintenance I sent it to an authorized service center in Texas and it took me months to get it back and I could never find out what the status was when I called. I was looking on line and found Jeff and WatchRepair.net and they promised exceptional service with a quick turn around, I was apprehensive but called and Jeff sent me all the testimonials so I wanted to give it a try. It was by far the best customer service I have ever experienced getting my Seamaster fixed. I later had an issue with it shortly after I had gotten it back and they send out another box with prepaid shipping and again took care of it without it costing me another dime. I would recommend this company to anyone without hesitation if there time piece is in need of repair; Jeff and his company will have my Seamaster repair business from now on.
Larry Lawyer
Rogers, Arkansas
October 2016
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